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Volumen 5 Número 7 Parte July Año 2018

Characterization of Recycled Wood Chips, Syngas Yield, and Tar Formation in an Industrial Updraft Gasifier
Ehsan Oveisi, Shahab Sokhansanj, Anthony Lau, Jim Lim, Xiaotao Bi, Fernando Preto and Cliff Mui

Pronounced Antagonism of Zinc and Arsenate on Toxicity to Barley Root Elongation in Soil
Georgina Guzman-Rangel, Daniela Montalvo and Erik Smolders

Oxidative Destruction of Organic Pollutants on the Polypropylene Fiber Modified by Nanodispersed Iron
Ludmila Naumova, Tamara Minakova, Nikolay Gorlenko, Irina Kurzina and Irina Vasenina

Combined Effects of Trace Metals and Light on Photosynthetic Microorganisms in Aquatic Environment
Giulia Cheloni and Vera I. Slaveykova

Empirical Study of the Quantization Induced Bias in Commercial Microwave Links? Min/Max Attenuation Measurements for Rain Monitoring
Jonatan Ostrometzky and Adam Eshel

Fuel Treatments and Potential Fire Behavior in Peri-Urban Forests in Northern Greece
Theano Samara, Dimitrios Raptis and Ioannis Spanos

Seasonal Variation and Retention of Ammonium in Small Agricultural Streams in Central Thailand
Anh T. T. Le, Tamao Kasahara and Varawoot Vudhivanich

Application of GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Technique in Exploration of Suitable Site Options for Anaerobic Digestion of Food and Biodegradable Waste in Oita City, Japan
Micky A. Babalola

Assessing the Potential for Small-Scale Aquaculture in Cambodia
Robert B. Richardson and Murari Suvedi

Advancements in the Statistical Study, Modeling, and Simulation of Microwave-Links in Cellular Backhaul Networks
Lior Gazit and Hagit Messer

Vertical Precipitation Estimation Using Microwave Links in Conjunction with Weather Radar
Roi Raich, Pinhas Alpert and Hagit Messer

Capitalizing on Cellular Technology?Opportunities and Challenges for Near Ground Weather Monitoring
Hagit Messer