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Volumen 10 Número 6 Parte June Año 2018

The Role of SMEs? Green Business Models in the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy: Differences in Their Design and Degree of Adoption Stemming from Business Size
María A. Quintás, Ana I. Martínez-Senra and Antonio Sartal

Sustainable Diffusion of Inter-Organizational Technology in Supply Chains: An Approach to Heterogeneous Levels of Risk Aversion
Daeheon Choi, Chune Young Chung and Kaun Y. Lee

The Role of the UK Green Deal in Shaping Pro-Environmental Behaviours: Insights from Two Case Studies
Candice Howarth and Ben M. Roberts

The motric, Educational, Recreational and Satisfaction Impact of Adventure Education Activities in the Urban Tourism Environment
Dana Badau and Adela Badau

Sustainable Practices in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Ecuador
Paúl Sarango-Lalangui, José Álvarez-García and María de la Cruz del Río-Rama

Exploring the Decisive Risks of Green Development Projects by Adopting Social Network Analysis under Stakeholder Theory
Li Ma, Lin Wang, Kuo-Jui Wu, Ming-Lang Tseng and Anthony S. F. Chiu

Competitive?Cooperative Strategy Based on Altruistic Behavior for Dual-Channel Supply Chains
Fei Xu and Honglei Wang

The Effect of Patient Participation through Physician?s Resources on Experience and Wellbeing
Jiyoung Kim

Impact of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Practices on Cotton Production and Livelihood of Farmers in Punjab, Pakistan
Muhammad Ali Imran, Asghar Ali, Muhammad Ashfaq, Sarfraz Hassan, Richard Culas and Chunbo Ma

Drought Assessment with the Community Land Model for 1951?2010 in East Asia
Myoung-Jin Um, Mun Mo Kim, Yeonjoo Kim and Daeryong Park

Green Infrastructure through Citizen Stormwater Management: Policy Instruments, Participation and Engagement
Eva Lieberherr and Olivia Odom Green

Addressing Organisational Pressures as Drivers towards Sustainability in Manufacturing Projects and Project Management Methodologies
Fotios Misopoulos, Roula Michaelides, Mohammad Afiq Salehuddin, Vicky Manthou and Zenon Michaelides

Performance Evaluation on Intellectual Property Rights Policy System of the Renewable Energy in China
Xing Gao and Keyu Zhai

Land Eco-Security Assessment Based on the Multi-Dimensional Connection Cloud Model
Qiuyan Liu, Mingwu Wang, Xiao Wang, Fengqiang Shen and Juliang Jin

Transformations and the Level of Tourist Function Development in Polish Voivodeship Capital Cities
Katarzyna Przybyla and Alina Kulczyk-Dynowska