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Volumen 11 Número 6 Parte June Año 2018

The Future of Fossil Fired Power Plants in Germany?A Lifetime Analysis
Peter Markewitz, Martin Robinius and Detlef Stolten

Thermal Performance through Heat Retention in Integrated Collector-Storage Solar Water Heaters: A Review
Ruth M. Saint, Céline Garnier, Francesco Pomponi and John Currie

SnSb Alloy Blended with Hard Carbon as Anode for Na-Ion Batteries
Ying Ching Lu, Nikolay Dimov, Shigeto Okada and Thi Hang Bui

Fully-distributed Load Frequency Control Strategy in an Islanded Microgrid Considering Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Xiao Qi, Yan Bai, Huanhuan Luo, Yiqing Zhang, Guiping Zhou and Zhonghua Wei

Research on the Pressure Ratio Characteristics of a Swash Plate-Rotating Hydraulic Transformer
Chongbo Jing, Junjie Zhou, Shihua Yuan and Siyuan Zhao

3-Leg Inverter Control for 2-Phase Outer Rotor Coreless Torque Actuator in Hybrid Multi-D.O.F System
Kyoung Jin Joo, Gang Seok Lee, Hyun Seok Hong, Sung Hong Won and Ju Lee

Electro-Thermal Modeling of Metal-Oxide Arrester under Power Frequency Applied Voltages
Jiazheng Lu, Pengkang Xie, Zhen Fang and Jianping Hu

Wind Farm Blockage and the Consequences of Neglecting Its Impact on Energy Production
James Bleeg, Mark Purcell, Renzo Ruisi and Elizabeth Traiger

A Fully Coupled Numerical Model for Microwave Heating Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery
Jia Liu, Jianguo Wang, Chunfai Leung and Feng Gao

The Effect of a Vertical Electric Field on the Surface Flashover Characteristics of a Bushing Model
Mingxi Zhu, Liming Wang, Fanghui Yin, Masoud Farzaneh, Hongwei Mei and Lu Wen

Reactive Power Planning for Regional Power Grids Based on Active and Reactive Power Adjustments of DGs
Yangwu Shen, Feifan Shen, Yaling Chen, Liqing Liang, Bin Zhang and Deping Ke

Short-Term Forecasting for Energy Consumption through Stacking Heterogeneous Ensemble Learning Model
Mergani A. Khairalla, Xu Ning, Nashat T. AL-Jallad and Musaab O. El-Faroug

Improvement in Harmonic Compensation of a Smart Charger with a Constant DC-Capacitor Voltage-Control-Based Strategy for Electric Vehicles in Single-Phase Three-Wire Distribution Feeders
Kei Nishikawa, Fuka Ikeda, Yuki Okamoto, Hiroaki Yamada, Toshihiko Tanaka and Masayuki Okamoto

Investigation of Discharge Coefficients for Single Element Lean Direct Injection Modules
Han Yu, Pengfei Zhu, Jianqin Suo and Longxi Zheng

Strategic Behavior of Retailers for Risk Reduction and Profit Increment via Distributed Generators and Demand Response Programs
Mahmood Hosseini Imani, Shaghayegh Zalzar, Amir Mosavi and Shahaboddin Shamshirband