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Volumen 5 Número 3 Parte September Año 2019

Glycine-Nitrate Process for Synthesis of Na3V2(PO4)3 Cathode Material and Optimization of Glucose-Derived Hard Carbon Anode Material for Characterization in Full Cells

A Bilevel Equalizer to Boost the Capacity of Second Life Li Ion Batteries

Machine Learning Approaches for Designing Mesoscale Structure of Li-Ion Battery Electrodes

Generalized Distribution of Relaxation Times Analysis for the Characterization of Impedance Spectra

Operational Experience of 5 kW/5 kWh All-Vanadium Flow Batteries in Photovoltaic Grid Applications

Methodological Approaches to End-Of-Life Modelling in Life Cycle Assessments of Lithium-Ion Batteries

An Accurate and Precise Grey Box Model of a Low-Power Lithium-Ion Battery and Capacitor/Supercapacitor for Accurate Estimation of State-of-Charge