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Volumen 5 Número 1 Parte March Año 2019

Vanadium Oxygen Fuel Cell Utilising High Concentration Electrolyte
Mandar Risbud, Chris Menictas, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos and Jens Noack

Eco-Efficiency of a Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric Vehicles: Influence of Manufacturing Country and Commodity Prices on GHG Emissions and Costs
Maeva Philippot, Garbiñe Alvarez, Elixabete Ayerbe, Joeri Van Mierlo and Maarten Messagie

Comparative Life Cycle Environmental Impact Analysis of Lithium-Ion (LiIo) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries
M. A. Parvez Mahmud, Nazmul Huda, Shahjadi Hisan Farjana and Candace Lang

Electrochemical Performance of a Lithium Ion Battery with Different Nanoporous Current Collectors
Huajun Feng, Yuan Chen and Yihua Wang

Optimal Charging of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery with Time-Varying Input Power
Md. Parvez Akter, Yifeng Li, Jie Bao, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos and Muhammed Fazlur Rahman

Recent Advances in Non-Flammable Electrolytes for Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries
Neha Chawla, Neelam Bharti and Shailendra Singh

Discharge by Short Circuit Currents of Parallel-Connected Lithium-Ion Cells in Thermal Propagation
Sascha Koch, Alexander Fill, Katerina Kelesiadou and Kai Peter Birke

Low Reversible Capacity of Nitridated Titanium Electrical Terminals
David Klein, Yaolin Xu, Robert Schlögl and Sébastien Cap

Degradation Phenomena of Bismuth-Modified Felt Electrodes in VRFB Studied by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Jonathan Schneider, Eduard Bulczak, Gumaa A. El-Nagar, Marcus Gebhard, Paul Kubella, Maike Schnucklake, Abdulmonem Fetyan, Igor Derr and Christina Roth

Mechanism of Ionic Impedance Growth for Palladium-Containing CNT Electrodes in Lithium-Oxygen Battery Electrodes and Its Contribution to Battery Failure
Neha Chawla, Amir Chamaani, Meer Safa, Marcus Herndon and Bilal El-Zahab

Design and Analysis of the Use of Re-Purposed Electric Vehicle Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage in Canada
John W. A. Catton, Sean B. Walker, Paul McInnis, Michael Fowler, Roydon A. Fraser, Steven B. Young and Ben Gaffney

Vanadium Electrolyte for All-Vanadium Redox-Flow Batteries: The Effect of the Counter Ion
Nataliya Roznyatovskaya, Jens Noack, Heiko Mild, Matthias Fühl, Peter Fischer, Karsten Pinkwart, Jens Tübke and Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

Critical Review of the Use of Reference Electrodes in Li-Ion Batteries: A Diagnostic Perspective
Rinaldo Raccichini, Marco Amores and Gareth Hinds

Silicon/Mesoporous Carbon (Si/MC) Derived from Phenolic Resin for High Energy Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries: Role of HF Etching and Vinylene Carbonate (VC) Additive
Arlavinda Rezqita, Hristina Vasilchina, Raad Hamid, Markus Sauer, Annette Foelske, Corina Täubert and Hermann Kronberger

Exploring the Economic Potential of Sodium-Ion Batteries
Jens F. Peters, Alexandra Peña Cruz and Marcel Weil

Real-Time Performance Optimization and Diagnostics during Long-Term Operation of a Solid Anolyte Microbial Fuel Cell Biobattery
Ademola Adekunle, Vijaya Raghavan and Boris Tartakovsky

Characterizing Large-Scale, Electric-Vehicle Lithium Ion Transportation Batteries for Secondary Uses in Grid Applications
Christopher Valant, Gabrielle Gaustad and Nenad Nenadic

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Batteries in 2018
Batteries Editorial Office

Investigations on a Mesoporous Glass Membrane as Ion Separator for a Redox Flow Battery
Ioannis Michos, Zishu Cao, Zhi Xu, Wenheng Jing and Junhang Dong

Monitoring the State of Charge of the Positive Electrolyte in a Vanadium Redox-Flow Battery with a Novel Amperometric Sensor
Isabelle Kroner, Maik Becker and Thomas Turek

Real-Time State-of-Charge Estimation via Particle Swarm Optimization on a Lithium-Ion Electrochemical Cell Model
Arun Chandra Shekar and Sohel Anwar

Prototype System of Rocking-Chair Zn-Ion Battery Adopting Zinc Chevrel Phase Anode and Rhombohedral Zinc Hexacyanoferrate Cathode
Munseok S. Chae and Seung-Tae Hong

Investigation of Reactant Conversion in the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Using Spatially Resolved State of Charge Mapping
Purna C. Ghimire, Arjun Bhattarai, Rüdiger Schweiss, Günther G. Scherer, Nyunt Wai, Tuti M. Lim and Qingyu Yan

Electrochemical Performance and in Operando Charge Efficiency Measurements of Cu/Sn-Doped Nano Iron Electrodes
Alagar Raj Paulraj, Yohannes Kiros, Mylad Chamoun, Henrik Svengren, Dag Noréus, Mats Göthelid, Björn Skårman, Hilmar Vidarsson and Malin B. Johansson