Big Data and Cognitive Computing  
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Volumen 3 Número 3 Parte September Año 2019

PerTract: Model Extraction and Specification of Big Data Systems for Performance Prediction by the Example of Apache Spark and Hadoop

Future-Ready Strategic Oversight of Multiple Artificial Superintelligence-Enabled Adaptive Learning Systems via Human-Centric Explainable AI-Empowered Predictive Optimizations of Educational Outcomes

Viability in Multiplex Lexical Networks and Machine Learning Characterizes Human Creativity

Archetype-Based Modeling and Search of Social Media

RazorNet: Adversarial Training and Noise Training on a Deep Neural Network Fooled by a Shallow Neural Network

InfoFlow: A Distributed Algorithm to Detect Communities According to the Map Equation

Breast Cancer Diagnosis System Based on Semantic Analysis and Choquet Integral Feature Selection for High Risk Subjects

Safe Artificial General Intelligence via Distributed Ledger Technology

An Item?Item Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Using Trust and Genre to Address the Cold-Start Problem

Twitter Analyzer?How to Use Semantic Analysis to Retrieve an Atmospheric Image around Political Topics in Twitter

Cooking Is Creating Emotion: A Study on Hinglish Sentiments of Youtube Cookery Channels Using Semi-Supervised Approach

Data-Driven Load Forecasting of Air Conditioners for Demand Response Using Levenberg?Marquardt Algorithm-Based ANN

A Holistic Framework for Forecasting Transformative AI