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Volumen 3 Número 2 Parte June Año 2019

Homeless Interactions with the Built Environment: A Spatial Pattern Language of Abandoned Housing

A Search for Beauty/A Struggle with Complexity: Christopher Alexander

Urban Landscape Structure of a Fast-Growing African City: The Case of Niamey (Niger)

Correcting Bias in Crowdsourced Data to Map Bicycle Ridership of All Bicyclists

Autonomous Road Vehicles: Challenges for Urban Planning in European Cities

Addressing Urban Sprawl from the Complexity Sciences

Assessing Alexander?s Later Contributions to a Science of Cities

Charting Participatory Action and Interventionist Research Processes for Community-Based Stakeholders in Peri-Urban Contexts: The Proposed St. Cuthbert?s Community Centre, Lorne, Australia

Selecting Potential Moss Species for Green Roofs in the Mediterranean Basin

Human Ecology and Its Influence in Urban Theory and Housing Policy in the United States

Sustainable Urban Transport Development by Applying a Fuzzy-AHP Model: A Case Study from Mersin, Turkey

Coping with Floods in Pikine, Senegal: An Exploration of Household Impacts and Prevention Efforts

Exploring Differences in the Rate of Type 2 Diabetes Among American Cities: How Urbanization Continues to Challenge the Traditional Epidemiological View

Innovative Arrangements between Public and Private Actors in Affordable Housing Provision: Examples from Austria, England and Italy

How Do Cities Flow in an Emergency? Tracing Human Mobility Patterns during a Natural Disaster with Big Data and Geospatial Data Science

A Framework for Integrating Agriculture in Urban Sustainability in Australia

Status and Future Directions for Residential Street Infrastructure Retrofit Research

AwaP-IC?An Open-Source GIS Tool for Measuring Walkable Access

Exploring Student Mobility: University Flows and the Territorial Structure in Viterbo

Christopher Alexander?s Theory of Wholeness as a Tetrad of Creative Activity: The Examples of A New Theory of Urban Design and The Nature of Order

A Methodological Approach for Evaluating Brownfield Redevelopment Projects

(Re)emphasizing Urban Infrastructure Resilience via Scoping Review and Content Analysis

Readings of the Post-Crisis Spanish City: Between Social Inequity and Territorial Destruction

GIS-Based Equity Gap Analysis: Case Study of Baltimore Bike Share Program

Integrating Data Mining and Microsimulation Modelling to Reduce Traffic Congestion: A Case Study of Signalized Intersections in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Drivers of Change in Urban Growth Patterns: A Transport Perspective from Perth, Western Australia

Modeling, Monitoring, and Validating Green Roof and Green Facade Solutions with Semantic City Models Using Low Cost Sensors and Open Software Infrastructures