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Volumen 42 Número 6 Parte 0 Año 2008

Bioaccumulation of Pharmaceuticals and Other Anthropogenic Waste Indicators in Earthworms from Agricultural Soil Amended With Biosolid or Swine Manure
Chad A. Kinney, Edward T. Furlong, Dana W. Kolpin, Mark R. Burkhardt, Steven D. Zaugg, Stephen L. Werner, Joseph P. Bossio, and Mark J. Benotti
Pág. 1863 - 1870  

Near-Field Commercial Aircraft Contribution to Nitrogen Oxides by Engine, Aircraft Type, and Airline by Individual Plume Sampling
David C. Carslaw, Karl Ropkins, Duncan Laxen, Stephen Moorcroft, Ben Marner, and Martin L. Williams
Pág. 1871 - 1876  

Commercial Aircraft Engine Emissions Characterization of in-Use Aircraft at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Scott C. Herndon, John T. Jayne, Prem Lobo, Timothy B. Onasch, Gregg Fleming, Donald E. Hagen, Philip D. Whitefield, and Richard C. Miake-Lye
Pág. 1877 - 1883  

Speciation and Chemical Evolution of Nitrogen Oxides in Aircraft Exhaust near Airports
Ezra C. Wood, Scott C. Herndon, Michael T. Timko, Paul E. Yelvington, and Richard C. Miake-Lye
Pág. 1884 - 1891  

Occurrence, Phase Distribution, and Mass Loadings of Benzothiazoles in Riverine Runoff of the Pearl River Delta, China
Hong-Gang Ni, Feng-Hui Lu, Xian-Lin Luo, Hui-Yu Tian, and Eddy Y. Zeng
Pág. 1892 - 1897  

Occurrence of Organophosphorus Flame Retardant and Plasticizers in Three Volcanic Lakes of Central Italy
Alessandro Bacaloni, Francesca Cucci, Chiara Guarino, Manuela Nazzari, Roberto Samperi, and Aldo Laganà
Pág. 1898 - 1903  

Occurrence and Profiles of Chlorinated and Brominated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Waste Incinerators
Yuichi Horii, Gon Ok, Takeshi Ohura, and Kurunthachalam Kannan
Pág. 1904 - 1909  

Influence of Nitrate on Microbial Reduction of Pertechnetate
Xiangzhen Li and Lee R. Krumholz
Pág. 1910 - 1915  

Role of the Air¿Water Interface in the Retention of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Porous Media during Primary Drainage
Lixia Chen, David A. Sabatini, and Tohren C. G. Kibbey
Pág. 1916 - 1921  

Adsorption Thermodynamics of p-Arsanilic Acid on Iron (Oxyhydr)Oxides: In-Situ ATR-FTIR Studies
Sarah Depalma, Scott Cowen, Tuan Hoang, and Hind A. Al-Abadleh
Pág. 1922 - 1927  

Air¿Water Gas Exchange of Organochlorine Pesticides in Taihu Lake, China
Xinghua Qiu, Tong Zhu, Feng Wang, and Jianxin Hu
Pág. 1928 - 1932  

A Photochemical Source of Methyl Chloride in Saline Waters
Robert M. Moore
Pág. 1933 - 1937  

Assessing the Impact of Nanomaterials on Anaerobic Microbial Communities
Leila Nyberg, Ronald F. Turco, and Loring Nies
Pág. 1938 - 1943  

Unraveling Heavy Oil Desulfurization Chemistry: Targeting Clean Fuels
Tushar V. Choudhary, Stephen Parrott, and Byron Johnson
Pág. 1944 - 1947  

Changes in Optical Properties Caused by UV-Irradiation of Aquatic Humic Substances from the Amazon River Basin: Seasonal Variability Evaluation
Ursula Fabiola Rodríguez-Zúñiga, Débora Marcondes Bastos Pereira Milori, Wilson Tadeu Lopes da Silva, Ladislau Martin-Neto, Luciana Camargo Oliveira, and Julio Cesar Rocha
Pág. 1948 - 1953  

Mercury Mass Budget Estimates and Cycling Seasonality in the Florida Everglades
Guangliang Liu, Yong Cai, Peter Kalla, Daniel Scheidt, Jennifer Richards, Leonard J. Scinto, Evelyn Gaiser, and Charlie Appleby
Pág. 1954 - 1960  

Sorption of Phenanthrene by Nonhydrolyzable Organic Matter from Different Size Sediments
Ke Sun, Yong Ran, Yu Yang, and Baoshan Xing
Pág. 1961 - 1966  

Biotransformation Enzymes and Thyroid Axis Disruption in Juvenile Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Exposed to Hexabromocyclododecane Diastereoisomers
Vince P. Palace, Kerri Pleskach, Thor Halldorson, Robert Danell, Kerry Wautier, Bob Evans, Mehran Alaee, Chris Marvin, and Gregg T. Tomy
Pág. 1967 - 1972  

Effect of Saline Waste Solution Infiltration Rates on Uranium Retention and Spatial Distribution in Hanford Sediments
Jiamin Wan, Tetsu K. Tokunaga, Yongman Kim, Zheming Wang, Antonio Lanzirotti, Eduardo Saiz, and R. Jeffrey Serne
Pág. 1973 - 1978  

Formation of Aqueous MgUO2(CO3)32- Complex and Uranium Anion Exchange Mechanism onto an Exchange Resin
Wenming Dong and Scott C. Brooks
Pág. 1979 - 1983  

Selenite Reduction by Mackinawite, Magnetite and Siderite: XAS Characterization of Nanosized Redox Products
Andreas C. Scheinost and Laurent Charlet
Pág. 1984 - 1989  

Environmental Influences on the Partitioning and Diffusion of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants in Microbial Biofilms
Daniel Wicke, Uta Böckelmann, and Thorsten Reemtsma
Pág. 1990 - 1996  

Substituent Effects on Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation During Abiotic Reduction of Nitroaromatic Compounds
Thomas B. Hofstetter, Anke Neumann, William A. Arnold, Akané E. Hartenbach, Jakov Bolotin, Christopher J. Cramer, and René P. Schwarzenbach
Pág. 1997 - 2003  

Identification of Significant Factors in Reburning with Coal Volatiles
Ryan Zarnitz and Sarma Pisupati
Pág. 2004 - 2008  

Optimization of Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation for a Laboratory BTEX System under Parameter Uncertainty
Li He, Guo-he Huang, Hong-wei Lu, and Guang-ming Zeng
Pág. 2009 - 2014  

Understanding Trichloroethylene Chemisorption to Iron Surfaces Using Density Functional Theory
Nianliu Zhang, Jing Luo, Paul Blowers, and James Farrell
Pág. 2015 - 2020  

Metal Flux and Dynamic Speciation at (Bio)Interfaces. Part III: MHEDYN, a General Code for Metal Flux Computation; Application to Simple and Fulvic Complexants
Davide Alemani, Jacques Buffle, Zeshi Zhang, Josep Galceran, and Bastien Chopard
Pág. 2021 - 2027  

Metal Flux and Dynamic Speciation at (Bio)Interfaces. Part IV: MHEDYN, a General Code for Metal Flux Computation; Application to Particulate Complexants and Their Mixtures with the Other Natural Ligands
Davide Alemani, Jacques Buffle, Zeshi Zhang, Josep Galceran, and Bastien Chopard
Pág. 2028 - 2033  

Experimental Determination of LSER Parameters for a Set of 76 Diverse Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals
Holger C. Tülp, Kai-Uwe Goss, René P. Schwarzenbach, and Kathrin Fenner
Pág. 2034 - 2040  

Evaluation of Laser Absorption Spectroscopic Techniques for Eddy Covariance Flux Measurements of Ammonia
James D. Whitehead, Marsailidh Twigg, Daniela Famulari, Eiko Nemitz, Mark A. Sutton, Martin W. Gallagher, and David Fowler
Pág. 2041 - 2046  

Phage-borne Peptidomimetics Accelerate the Development of Polyclonal Antibody-based Heterologous Immunoassays for the Detection of Pesticide Metabolites
Hee-Joo Kim, Andrés González-Techera, Gualberto G. González-Sapienza, Ki Chang Ahn, Shirley J. Gee, and Bruce D. Hammock
Pág. 2047 - 2053  

Effects of Child Care Center Ventilation Strategies on Volatile Organic Compounds of Indoor and Outdoor Origins
Mohamed S. Zuraimi and Kwok W. Tham
Pág. 2054 - 2059  

Reversed-Phase Chromatography Fractionation Tailored to Mass Spectral Characterization of Humic Substances
Alexandra C. Stenson
Pág. 2060 - 2065  

Extraction and Optical Fluorescence Method for the Measurement of Trace Beryllium in Soils
Anoop Agrawal, John P. Cronin, Akshay Agrawal, Juan C. L. Tonazzi, Lori Adams, Kevin Ashley, Michael J. Brisson, Brandy Duran, Gary Whitney, Anthony K. Burrell, T. Mark McCleskey, James Robbins, and Kenneth T. White
Pág. 2066 - 2071  

Laboratory Tests on Mercury Emission Monitoring with Resonating Gold-coated Silicon Cantilevers
Jaroslaw Drelich, Calvin L. White, and Zhenghe Xu
Pág. 2072 - 2078  

Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria for Phytostabilization of Mine Tailings
Christopher J. Grandlic, Monica O. Mendez, Jon Chorover, Blenda Machado, and Raina M. Maier
Pág. 2079 - 2084  

Photocatalytic Degradation of RhB by Fluorinated Bi2WO6 and Distributions of the Intermediate Products
Hongbo Fu, Shicheng Zhang, Tongguang Xu, Yongfa Zhu, and Jianmin Chen
Pág. 2085 - 2091  

Chromium(VI) Reduction Kinetics by Zero-Valent Iron in Moderately Hard Water with Humic Acid: Iron Dissolution and Humic Acid Adsorption
Tongzhou Liu, Daniel C. W. Tsang, and Irene M. C. Lo
Pág. 2092 - 2098  

Membrane-Aerated Biofilm Reactor for the Treatment of Acetonitrile Wastewater
Tinggang Li, Junxin Liu, Renbi Bai, and F. S. Wong
Pág. 2099 - 2104  

Electroosmotic Flow Stimulates the Release of Alginate-Bound Phenanthrene
Lei Shi, Hauke Harms, and Lukas Y. Wick
Pág. 2105 - 2110  

Reduction of Dioxin-like Compound Emissions from a Waelz Plant with Adsorbent Injection and a Dual Baghouse Filter System
Kai Hsien Chi, Shu Hao Chang, and Moo Been Chang
Pág. 2111 - 2117  

Abiotic Degradation of Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine in the Presence of Hydrogen Sulfide and Black Carbon
Jerome M. Kemper, Emaan Ammar, and William A. Mitch
Pág. 2118 - 2123  

Removal Efficiency and Binding Mechanisms of Copper and Copper-EDTA Complexes Using Polyethyleneimine
Worawan Maketon, Chase Z. Zenner, and Kimberly L. Ogden
Pág. 2124 - 2129  

A New Route for Degradation of Volatile Organic Compounds under Visible Light: Using the Bifunctional Photocatalyst Pt/TiO2-xNx in H2-O2 Atmosphere
Danzhen Li, Zhixin Chen, Yilin Chen, Wenjuan Li, Hanjie Huang, Yunhui He, and Xianzhi Fu
Pág. 2130 - 2135  

Removal of Methyl Parathion from Artificial Off-Gas Using a Bioreactor Containing a Constructed Microbial Consortium
Lin Li, Chao Yang, Wensheng Lan, Shan Xie, Chuanling Qiao, and Junxin Liu
Pág. 2136 - 2141  

Energy, Greenhouse Gas, and Cost Reductions for Municipal Recycling Systems
Mikhail Chester, Elliot Martin, and Nakul Sathaye
Pág. 2142 - 2149  

Supercritical CO2 Desorption of Activated Carbon Loaded with 2,2,3,3-Tetrafluoro-1-Propanol in a Rotating Packed Bed
Chung-Sung Tan and Pei-Lun Lee
Pág. 2150 - 2154  

Green Roof Valuation: A Probabilistic Economic Analysis of Environmental Benefits
Corrie Clark, Peter Adriaens, and F. Brian Talbot
Pág. 2155 - 2161  

Phylogeny and Growth Strategy as Predictors of Differences in Cobalt Concentrations Between Plant Species
N. J. Willey and J. Wilkins
Pág. 2162 - 2167  

Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles
Vasilis M. Fthenakis, Hyung Chul Kim, and Erik Alsema
Pág. 2168 - 2174  

Investigation of Mechanisms of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Initiated from the Thermal Degradation of Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) in N2 Atmosphere
Eilhann Kwon and Marco J. Castaldi
Pág. 2175 - 2180  

Linking Molecular and Population Stress Responses in Daphnia magna exposed to cadmium
Richard Connon, Helen L. Hooper, Richard M. Sibly, Fei-Ling Lim, Lars-Henrik Heckmann, David J. Moore, Hajime Watanabe, Anneleen Soetaert, Katie Cook, Steve J. Maund, Thomas H. Hutchinson, Jonathan Moggs, Wim De Coen, Taisen Iguchi, and Amanda Callag
Pág. 2181 - 2188  

Avoidance of Aluminum Toxicity in Freshwater Snails Involves Intracellular Silicon-Aluminum Biointeraction
Keith N. White, Abraham I. Ejim, Rachel C. Walton, Andrew P. Brown, Ravin Jugdaohsingh, Jonathan J. Powell, and Catherine R. McCrohan
Pág. 2189 - 2194  

Elevated Serum Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Associated with Lymphocytic Micronuclei in Chinese Workers from an E-Waste Dismantling Site
Jing Yuan, Lan Chen, Duohong Chen, Huan Guo, Xinhui Bi, Ying Ju, Pu Jiang, Jibin Shi, Zhiqiang Yu, Jin Yang, Liping Li, Qi Jiang, Guoying Sheng, Jiamo Fu, Tangchun Wu, and Xuemin Chen
Pág. 2195 - 2200