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Volumen 20 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2004

Fuzzy Supervisory Control of Manufacturing Systems
Ioannidis, S. Tsourveloudis, N. Valavanis, K.
Pág. 379 - 389  

Mechatronic Design of an Actuated Biomimetic Length and Velocity Sensor
Jaax, K. N. Hannaford, B.
Pág. 390 - 398  

Workspace Generation of Hyper-Redundant Manipulators as a Diffusion Process on SE(N)
Wang, Y. Chirikjian, G. S.
Pág. 399 - 408  

Motion Planning for Metamorphic Systems: Feasibility, Decidability, and Distributed Reconfiguration
Dumitrescu, A. Suzuki, I. Yamashita, M.
Pág. 409 - 418  

The Sampling-Based Neighborhood Graph: An Approach to Computing and Executing Feedback Motion Strategies
Yang, L. LaValle, S. M.
Pág. 419 - 432  

A Real-Time Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Acquiring Multiplanar Maps of Indoor Environments With Mobile Robots
Thrun, S. Martin, C. Liu, Y. Hahnel, D. Emery-Montemerlo, R. Chakrabarti, D. Burgard, W.
Pág. 433 - 442  

Leader-to-Formation Stability
Tanner, H. G. Pappas, G. J. Kumar, V.
Pág. 443 - 455  

Road-Boundary Detection and Tracking Using Ladar Sensing
Wijesoma, W. S. Kodagoda, K. R. S. Balasuriya, A. P.
Pág. 456 - 464  

Simultaneous Control of Position and Orientation for Ball-Plate Manipulation Problem Based on Time-State Control Form
Date, H. Sampei, M. Ishikawa, M. Koga, M.
Pág. 465 - 479  

Passive Compensation of Nonlinear Robot Dynamics
Duindam, V. Stramigioli, S. Scherpen, J. M. A.
Pág. 480 - 487  

Impedance Control for Elastic Joints Industrial Manipulators
Ferretti, G. Magnani, G. Rocco, P.
Pág. 488 - 498  

Ground-Space Bilateral Teleoperation of ETS-VII Robot Arm by Direct Bilateral Coupling Under 7-s Time Delay Condition
Imaida, T. Yokokohji, Y. Doi, T. Oda, M. Yoshikawa, T.
Pág. 499 - 511  

Design for Robust Component Synthesis Vibration Suppression of Flexible Structures With On-Off Actuators
Shan, J. Sun, D. Liu, D.
Pág. 512 - 525  

Nonlinear Antiwindup Applied to Euler-Lagrange Systems
Morabito, F. Teel, A. R. Zaccarian, L.
Pág. 526 - 537  

Optimal Kinematic Design of 2-DOF Parallel Manipulators With Well-Shaped Workspace Bounded by a Specified Conditioning Index
Huang, T. Li, M. Li, Z. Chetwynd, D. G. Whitehouse, D. J.
Pág. 538 - 542  

A Numerical Test for the Closure Properties of 3-D Grasps
Zhu, X. Ding, H. Wang, M. Y.
Pág. 543 - 548  

Grasping-Force Optimization for Multifingered Robotic Hands Using a Recurrent Neural Network
Xia, Y. Wang, J. Fok, L.-M.
Pág. 549 - 554  

On the Feasibility of Using Wireless Ethernet for Indoor Localization
Ladd, A. M. Bekris, K. E. Rudys, A. P. Wallach, D. S. Kavraki, L. E.
Pág. 555 - 558  

Integrated Sensing and Filter Design for a Single-Link Flexible Manipulator
Wang, G. L. Li, Y. F.
Pág. 559 - 564  

A Novel Gait Generation for Biped Walking Robots Based on Mechanical Energy Constraint
Asano, F. Yamakita, M. Kamamichi, N. Luo, Z.-W.
Pág. 565 - 573  

Automatic Gait-Pattern Adaptation Algorithms for Rehabilitation With a 4-DOF Robotic Orthosis
Jezernik, S. Colombo, G. Morari, M.
Pág. 574 - 582  

A Framework for Implementing Cooperative Motion on Industrial Controllers
Braun, B. M. Starr, G. P. Wood, J. E. Lumia, R.
Pág. 583 - 588  

A Global Output-Feedback Controller for Simultaneous Tracking and Stabilization of Unicycle-Type Mobile Robots
Do, K. D. Jiang, Z.-P. Pan, J.
Pág. 589 - 593  

Adaptive Tracking Control of Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems Based on the Virtual Decomposition Approach
Antonelli, G. Caccavale, F. Chiaverini, S.
Pág. 594 - 601  

Model-Based Space Robot Teleoperation of ETS-VII Manipulator
Yoon, W.-K. Goshozono, T. Kawabe, H. Kinami, M. Tsumaki, Y. Uchiyama, M. Oda, M. Doi, T.
Pág. 602 - 612  

Force-Reflecting Bilateral Teleoperation With Time Delay by Signal Filtering
Ueda, J. Yoshikawa, T.
Pág. 613 - 619  

Loop Shaping for Transparency and Stability Robustness in Bilateral Telemanipulation
Fite, K. B. Shao, L. Goldfarb, M.
Pág. 620 - 624