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Volumen 19 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2008

Selecting Useful Groups of Features in a Connectionist Framework
Chakraborty, D.; Pal, N. R.
Pág. 381 - 396  

Global Exponential Stability of Bidirectional Associative Memory Neural Networks With Time Delays
Liu, X.-G.; Martin, R. R.; Wu, M.; Tang, M.-L.
Pág. 397 - 407  

A Class of Complex ICA Algorithms Based on the Kurtosis Cost Function
Li, H.; Adali, T.
Pág. 408 - 420  

A Hybrid Technique for Blind Separation of Non-Gaussian and Time-Correlated Sources Using a Multicomponent Approach
Tichavsky, P.; Koldovsky, Z.; Yeredor, A.; Gomez-Herrero, G.; Doron, E.
Pág. 421 - 430  

Performing Feature Selection With Multilayer Perceptrons
Romero, E.; Sopena, J. M.
Pág. 431 - 441  

Automatic Cluster Detection in Kohonen's SOM
Brugger, D.; Bogdan, M.; Rosenstiel, W.
Pág. 442 - 459  

Self-Organizing Radial Basis Function Network for Real-Time Approximation of Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems
Lian, J.; Lee, Y.; Sudhoff, S. D.; Zak, S. H.
Pág. 460 - 474  

Two-Microphone Separation of Speech Mixtures
Pedersen, M. S.; Wang, D.; Larsen, J.; Kjems, U.
Pág. 475 - 492  

A Fault-Tolerant Regularizer for RBF Networks
Leung, C.-S.; Sum, J. P.-F.
Pág. 493 - 507  

An Expectation¿Maximization Method for Spatio¿Temporal Blind Source Separation Using an AR-MOG Source Model
Hild II, K. E.; Attias, H. T.; Nagarajan, S. S.
Pág. 508 - 519  

Exponential Stability of Discrete-Time Genetic Regulatory Networks With Delays
Cao, J.; Ren, F.
Pág. 520 - 523  

Wavelet Basis Function Neural Networks for Sequential Learning
Jin, N.; Liu, D.
Pág. 523 - 528  

An Improved Algebraic Criterion for Global Exponential Stability of Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Shen, Y.; Wang, J.
Pág. 528 - 531  

A New Criterion of Delay-Dependent Asymptotic Stability for Hopfield Neural Networks With Time Delay
Mou, S.; Gao, H.; Lam, J.; Qiang, W.
Pág. 532 - 535  

Energy Function and Energy Evolution on Neuronal Populations
Wang, R.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, G.
Pág. 535 - 538  

On a Neural Approximator to ODEs
Filici, C.
Pág. 539 - 543  

Complex-Valued Neural Networks
Hirose, A.
Pág. 544 - 544