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Volumen 38 Número 10 Parte 0 Año 2009

A Comparison of Analysis of Covariate-Adjusted Residuals and Analysis of Covariance
Elvan Ceyhan; Carla L. Goad
Pág. 2019 - 2038  

Granger Causality Test in the Presence of Spillover Effects
Kristofer Månsson; Ghazi Shukur
Pág. 2039 - 2059  

Optimal Threshold from ROC and CAP Curves
Chong Sun Hong
Pág. 2060 - 2072  

An Improved Approach for Estimating Product Performance Based on the Capability Index Cpmk
W. L. Pearn; Dong-Yuh Yang; Ya-Ching Cheng
Pág. 2073 - 2085  

Statistical Diagnostics for Skew-t-Normal Nonlinear Models
Jin-Guan Lin; Feng-Chang Xie; Bo-Cheng Wei
Pág. 2096 - 2110  

A Comparison of Procedures for Controlling the False Discovery Rate in the Presence of Small Variance Genes: A Simulation Study
Dan Lin; Ziv Shkedy; Tomasz Burzykowski; Willem Talloen; Luc Bijnens
Pág. 2111 - 2122  

Bootstrapping Spatial Median for Location Problems
Myoungshic Jhun; SeungJun Shin
Pág. 2123 - 2133  

An Algorithmic Construction of Four-Level Response Surface Designs
C. Koukouvinos; K. Mylona; D. E. Simos; A. Skountzou
Pág. 2152 - 2160  

Fixed Point Iteration for Estimating the Parameters of Extreme Value Distributions
Tewfik Kernane; Zohrh A. Raizah
Pág. 2161 - 2170  

Modifications of the Empirical Likelihood Interval Estimation with Improved Coverage Probabilities
Albert Vexler; Shuling Liu; Le Kang; Alan David Hutson
Pág. 2171 - 2183