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Volumen 30 Número 2-3 Parte 0 Año 2005

Forward to the special seedling root development issue of New Forests
Diane L. Haase
Pág. 103 - 105  

Effects of bareroot nursery practices on tree seedling root development: an evolution of cultural practices at J. Herbert Stone nursery
Lee E. Riley and David Steinfeld
Pág. 107 - 126  

Relationships between the root system size and its hydraulic properties in white spruce seedlings
Marek J. Krasowski and Adam Caputa
Pág. 127 - 146  

Fertilizer-induced Changes in Rhizosphere Electrical Conductivity: Relation to Forest Tree Seedling Root System Growth and Function
Douglass F. Jacobs and Vic R. Timmer
Pág. 147 - 166  

Root-freezing damage in the containerized nursery: impact on plantation sites ¿ A review
F.J. Bigras and D. Dumais
Pág. 167 - 184  

Root diseases in bareroot and container nurseries of the Pacific Northwest: epidemiology, management, and effects on outplanting performance
R. Kasten Dumroese and Robert L. James
Pág. 185 - 202  

Ectomycorrhizal impacts on nutrient uptake pathways in woody roots
Jeff H. Taylor and Carol A. Peterson
Pág. 203 - 214  

Root and shoot allometry of bareroot and container Douglas-fir seedlings
Robin Rose and Diane L. Haase
Pág. 215 - 233  

Relative contribution of initial root and shoot morphology in predicting field performance of hardwood seedlings
D.F. Jacobs, K.F. Salifu, J.R. Seifert
Pág. 235 - 251  

Root growth and hydraulic conductivity of southern pine seedlings in response to soil temperature and water availability after planting
Mary Anne Sword Sayer, John C. Brissette, James P. Barnett
Pág. 253 - 272  

Importance of root growth in overcoming planting stress
Steven C. Grossnickle
Pág. 273 - 294  

Quantifying root system quality of nursery seedlings and relationship to outplanting performance
Anthony S. Davis and Douglass F. Jacobs
Pág. 295 - 311