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Volumen 18 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2012

Effects of chitosan coatings on physicochemical and nutritional quality of clementine mandarins cv. `Oronules¿
A Contreras-Oliva, MB Pérez-Gago, and C Rojas-Argudo
Pág. 303 - 315  

Antioxidant properties, chemical composition and nutritional value of Terfezia boudieri (Chatin) from Turkey
A Dundar, O Faruk Yesil, H Acay, V Okumus, S Ozdemir, and A Yildiz
Pág. 317 - 328  

Identification of seven water-soluble non-storage proteins from pomegranate (Punica granatum Linn.) seeds
Haixia Yang, Meiliang Li, Xin Qi, Chenyan Lv, Jianjun Deng, and Guanghua Zhao
Pág. 329 - 338  

Development of Quality Index Method for anchovy (Engraulis anchoita) stored in ice: Assessment of its shelf-life by chemical and sensory methods
AE Massa, E Manca, and MI Yeannes
Pág. 339 - 351  

Quality, stability and radical scavenging activity of olive oils after Chétoui olives (Olea europaea L.) storage under modified atmospheres
L Ben Yahia, B Baccouri, Y Ouni, and S Hamdi
Pág. 353 - 365  

Antioxidant capacity and mineral contents of edible wild Australian mushrooms
X Zeng, J Suwandi, J Fuller, A Doronila, and K Ng
Pág. 367 - 379  

Physicochemical and sensory properties of yogurt enriched with microencapsulated fish oil
F Tamjidi, A Nasirpour, and M Shahedi
Pág. 381 - 390  

Effects of hot air and freeze drying methods on antioxidant activity, colour and some nutritional characteristics of strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L) fruit
HH Orak, T Aktas, H Yagar, S Selen Isbilir, N Ekinci, and F Hasturk Sahin
Pág. 391 - 402  

Quality, microstructure, biochemical and immunochemical characteristics of hypoallergenic pasta
S Susanna andP Prabhasankar
Pág. 403 - 411  

Textural, physicochemical and sensory properties compensation of fat replacing in pork liver pâté incorporating emulsified canola oil
EE Morales-Irigoyen, P Severiano-Pérez, ME Rodriguez-Huezo, and A Totosaus
Pág. 413 - 421