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Volumen 40 Número 12 Parte A Año 2009

Effect of Solute Clusters on Stress Relaxation Behavior in Cu-Ni-P Alloys
Yasuhiro Aruga, David W. Saxey, Emmanuelle A. Marquis, Hisao Shishido and Yuya Sumino, et al
Pág. 2888 - 2900  

Ferrite and Spheroidized Cementite Ultrafine Microstructure Formation in an Fe-0.67 Pct C Steel for Railway Wheels under Simulated Service Conditions
Kazuyuki Handa, Yoshisato Kimura and Yoshinao Mishima
Pág. 2901 - 2908  

Determination of the Phase Equilibria in the Mn-Sn-Zn System at 500 °C
J.L. Liang, Y. Du, Q.Z. Zhao, C.Z. Liao and Y.Y. Tang, et al.
Pág. 2909 - 2918  

Diffusion of Au in the Intermetallic Compound Ti3Al
Y. Koizumi, T. Tanaka and Y. Minamino
Pág. 2919 - 2926  

High-Temperature Creep Deformation and Fracture Behavior of a Directionally Solidified Ni-Base Superalloy DZ951
Zhaokuang Chu, Jinjiang Yu, Xiaofeng Sun, Hengrong Guan and Zhuangqi Hu
Pág. 2927 - 2937  

Deterioration in Fracture Toughness of 304LN Austenitic Stainless Steel Due to Sensitization
Swati Ghosh, V. Kain, A. Ray, H. Roy and S. Sivaprasad, et al.
Pág. 2938 - 2949  

Flow Curve Analysis of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel under Hot Compression Test
Hamed Mirzadeh, Abbas Najafizadeh and Mohammad Moazeny
Pág. 2950 - 2958  

Correlation of Microstructure, Hardness, and Fracture Toughness of Fe-Based Surface Composites Fabricated by High-Energy Electron Beam Irradiation with Fe-Based Metamorphic Alloy Powders and VC Powders
Duk-Hyun Nam, Jeonghyeon Do and Sunghak Lee
Pág. 2959 - 2970  

Creep Behavior and Damage of Ni-Base Superalloys PM 1000 and PM 3030
M. Nganbe and M. Heilmaier
Pág. 2971 - 2979  

Reaction Scheme and Liquidus Surface of the Ternary System Aluminum-Chromium-Titanium
Hailin Chen, Franz Weitzer, Nataliya Krendelsberger, Yong Du and Julius C. Schuster
Pág. 2980 - 2986  

Correlation between Microstructures and Oxidation Resistance in Zr-Nb-Ti Alloys
Clemente J. Parga and S.K. Varma
Pág. 2987 - 2993  

Microstructural Evolution of DP980 Steel during Friction Bit Joining
T. Huang, Y.S. Sato, H. Kokawa, M.P. Miles and K. Kohkonen, et al.
Pág. 2994 - 3000  

Studies on Direct Laser Cladding of SiC Dispersed AISI 316L Stainless Steel
Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar and Lin Li
Pág. 3001 - 3008  

Application of Thermohydrogen Processing for Formation of Ultrafine Equiaxed Grains in Near a Ti600 Alloy
Yong Niu and Miaoquan Li
Pág. 3009 - 3015  

Grain Cluster Microstructure and Grain Boundary Character Distribution in Alloy 690
Shuang Xia, Bangxin Zhou and Wenjue Chen
Pág. 3016 - 3030  

Diode Laser Assisted Surface Nitriding of Ti-6Al-4V: Properties of the Nitrided Surface
Amit Biswas, Lin Li, U.K. Chatterjee, I. Manna and Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar
Pág. 3031 - 3037  

Strong, Ductile Magnesium-Zinc Nanocomposites
Michael De Cicco, Hiromi Konishi, Guoping Cao, Hong Seok Choi and Lih-Sheng Turng, et al.
Pág. 3038 - 3045