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Volumen 28 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2008

Optimisation of oxygen delignification in production of totally chlorine-free cellulose pulps from oil palm empty fruit bunch fibre
C.P. Leh, W.D. Wan Rosli, Z. Zainuddin, R. Tanaka
Pág. 260 - 267  

Spontaneous combustion identification of stored wet cotton using a C80 calorimeter
Qingsong Wang, Jinhua Sun, Song Guo
Pág. 268 - 272  

Salvadora persica
Muppala P. Reddy, Mukesh T. Shah, Jinalal S. Patolia
Pág. 273 - 278  

Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of chestnut (Castanea sativa
G. Vázquez, E. Fontenla, J. Santos, M.S. Freire, J. González-Álvarez, G. Antorrena
Pág. 279 - 285  

Physical properties of chia (Salvia hispanica
Vanesa Y. Ixtaina, Susana M. Nolasco, Mabel C. Tomás
Pág. 286 - 293  

Tobacco stems as a low cost adsorbent for the removal of Pb(II) from wastewater: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
Wei Li, Libo Zhang, Jinhui Peng, Ning Li, Shimin Zhang, Shenghui Guo
Pág. 294 - 302  

Chemical constituents and physical properties of guayule wood and bark
Poo Chow, Francis S. Nakayama, Brian Blahnik, John A. Youngquist, Terry A. Coffelt
Pág. 303 - 308  

An investigation of epoxidised linseed oil as an alternative to PVC in flooring applications
D.T. Carter, N. Stansfield, R.J. Mantle, C.M. France, P.A. Smith
Pág. 309 - 319  

Growth, yield and mineral content of Miscanthus
D.G. Christian, A.B. Riche, N.E. Yates
Pág. 320 - 327  

Comparative determination of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid of Macrocarpium officinalis
Huahong Wang, Zhezhi Wang, Wubao Guo
Pág. 328 - 332  

Utilisation of unbleached kenaf fibers for the preparation of magnetic paper
C.H. Chia, S. Zakaria, K.L. Nguyen, M. Abdullah
Pág. 333 - 339  

Biomass, organic carbon and mineral matter contents of abaca (Musa textilis
R.B. Armecin, F.M. Gabon
Pág. 340 - 345  

Optimization of phosphoric acid catalyzed fractionation and enzymatic digestibility of flax shives
J.W. Kim, G. Mazza
Pág. 346 - 355