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Volumen 55 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2000

Corominas, J.
Pág. 131 - 132  

A critical review of landslide monitoring experiences
Angeli, M.-G.; Pasuto, A.; Silvano, S.
Pág. 133 - 147  

Measurement of landslide displacements using a wire extensometer
Corominas, J.; Moya, J.; Lloret, A.; Gili, J.A.; Angeli, M.G.; Pasuto, A.;
Pág. 149 - 166  

Using Global Positioning System techniques in landslide monitoring
Gili, J.A.; Corominas, J.; Rius, J.
Pág. 167 - 192  

Impact of climate change on slope stability using expanded downscaling
Dehn, M.; Bürger, G.; Buma, J.; Gasparetto, P.
Pág. 193 - 204  

Modelling the impact of predicted climate change on landslide frequency and magnitude in SE England
Collison, A.; Wade, S.; Griffiths, J.; Dehn, M.
Pág. 205 - 218