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Volumen 31 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2011

Molecular-Based Method To Distinguish the Sibling Species Hemigrapsus penicillatus and Hemigrapsus takanoi (Decapoda: Brachyura: Varunidae)
Izumi Yamasaki, Wataru Doi, Winda Mercedes Mingkid, Masashi Yokota, Carlos Augusto Strüssmann, and Seiichi Watanabe
Pág. 577 - 581  

Morphological and Molecular Comparison of Hemigrapsus crenulatus (Milne Edwards, 1837) (Brachyura: Varunidae) from New Zealand and Chile: Was Miss Rathbun Right?
Colin L. McLay, Francis Hinnendael, Shane Lavery, and Ramiro B. Riquelme-Bugueño
Pág. 582 - 589  

Chromatosomes In Three Phenotypes of Neocaridina denticulata Kemp, 1918: Morphological and Chromatic Differences Measured Non-Invasively
Eric E. Flores and Yew-Hu Chien
Pág. 590 - 597  

Setae for Gill-Cleaning of Six Species of Japanese Sentinel Crabs (Macrophthalmus)
Takashi Matsuoka, Hiroshi Suzuki, and Miguel Vazquez Archdale
Pág. 598 - 605  

Growth Modeling and Spatio-Temporal Variability in the Body Condition of the Estuarine Shrimp Palaemon longirostris in the Gironde (Sw France)
Mélanie Béguer, Sébastien Rochette, Michel Girardin, and Philippe Boët
Pág. 606 - 612  

Responses to Light In Two Eyeless Cave Dwelling Amphipods (Niphargus ictus and Niphargus frasassianus)
Betty Borowsky
Pág. 613 - 616  

The Grooming Behaviors of the Hawaiian River Shrimp, Macrobrachium grandimanus
Lauren N. Van Maurik and Jennifer L. Wortham
Pág. 617 - 622  

Life History of Three Fairy Shrimps (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from Thailand
Wipavee Dararat, Peter L. Starkweather, and La-orsri Sanoamuang
Pág. 623 - 629  

Gut Evacuation Time of Macrobrachium borellii (Caridea: Palaemonidae) Feeding On Three Types of Prey from the Littoral-Benthic Community
Débora A. Carvalho, Pablo A. Collins, and Cristian J. De Bonis
Pág. 630 - 634  

Diet Shift In the Sand Shrimp Crangon uritai Along the Estuary-Marine Gradient
Emily S. Antonio, Akihide Kasai, Masahiro Ueno, Yuka Ishihi, Hisashi Yokoyama, and Yoh Yamashita
Pág. 635 - 646  

Life History Characteristics of the Elk River Crayfish
Danny R. Jones and Arnold G. Eversole
Pág. 647 - 652  

Growth Patterns of the Japanese Mitten Crab Eriocheir japonica (De Haan) In Its River Phase In Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Satoshi Kobayashi
Pág. 653 - 659  

Decapod Utilization of Adjacent Oyster, Vegetated Marsh, and Non-Vegetated Bottom Habitats In A Gulf of Mexico Estuary
Virginia R. Shervette, Frances Gelwick, and Nancy Hadley
Pág. 660 - 667  

External Morphology and Post-Embryonic Development of Derocheilocaris remanei (Mystacocarida) Revisited, With A Comparison to the Cambrian Taxon Skara
Joachim T. Haug, Jørgen Olesen, Andreas Maas, and Dieter Waloszek
Pág. 668 - 692  

Two Methods for Determining the Fertility Status of Early-Stage American Lobster, Homarus americanus, Eggs
Kirby J. Johnson, Jason S. Goldstein, and Winsor H. Watson III
Pág. 693 - 700  

Morphological and Molecular Analyses of Closely Related Species In the Stygobiontic Genus Niphargus (Amphipoda)
Tamara R. Hartke, Cene Fi¿er, Jennifer Hohagen, Sascha Kleber, Rainer Hartmann, and Stefan Koenemann
Pág. 701 - 709  

Nuclear 18S rDNA As A Species-Level Molecular Marker for Leucothoidae (Amphipoda)
Kristine N. White
Pág. 710 - 716  

A Redescription of Branchinecta pollicifera Harding, 1940, and Its Placement In A New Genus (Branchiopoda: Anostraca: Branchinectidae)
D. Christopher Rogers and Jorge S. Coronel
Pág. 717 - 724  

Two New Calanoid Copepods from the Galapagos Islands: Pseudocyclops juanibali N. SP. and Pseudocyclops saenzi N. SP
Diego F. Figueroa
Pág. 725 - 741