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Volumen 34 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2006

Efficacy of a subsurface-flow wetland using the estuarine sedge Juncus kraussii to treat effluent from inland saline aquaculture
Alan J. Lymbery, Robert G. Doupé, Thomas Bennett and Mark R. Starcevich
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Acoustic Doppler velocimetry in aquaculture research: Raceway and quiescent zone hydrodynamics
Roger C. Viadero, Jr., Andrea Rumberg, Donald D. Gray, Aislinn E. Tierney and Kenneth J. Semmens
Pág. 16 - 25  

Predicting shrimp growth: Artificial neural network versus nonlinear regression models
Run Yu, PingSun Leung and Paul Bienfang
Pág. 26 - 32  

Removal of nitrate in aquaria by means of electrochemically generated hydrogen gas as electron donor for biological denitrification
R. Grommen, M. Verhaege and W. Verstraete
Pág. 33 - 39  

A newly developed oxygen injection system for cage farms
Asbjørn Bergheim, Martin Gausen, Anders Næss, Per M. Hølland, Per Krogedal and Viv Crampton
Pág. 40 - 46  

Performance evaluation of radial/vertical flow clarification applied to recirculating aquaculture systems
William Johnson and Shulin Chen
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Dose-dependent decomposition rate constants of hydrogen peroxide in small-scale bio filters
Lars-Flemming Pedersen, Per Bovbjerg Pedersen and Ole Sortkjær
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