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Volumen 57 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2012

Sleight of Hand? Practice Opacity, Third-party Responses, and the Interorganizational Diffusion of Controversial Practices
Forrest Briscoe and Chad Murphy
Pág. 553 - 584  

How Entrepreneurship Evolves: The Founders of New Magazines in America, 1741¿1860
Heather A. Haveman, Jacob Habinek, and Leo A. Goodman
Pág. 585 - 624  

Free Spaces as Organizational Weapons of the Weak: Religious Festivals and Regimental Mutinies in the 1857 Bengal Native Army
Hayagreeva Rao and Sunasir Dutta
Pág. 625 - 668  

Fatherhood and Managerial Style: How a Male CEO¿s Children Affect the Wages of His Employees
Michael S. Dahl, Cristian L. Dezso, and David Gaddis Ross
Pág. 669 - 693