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Volumen 23 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2008

A Dual-Mode Input Voltage Modulation Control Scheme for Voltage Multiplier Based X-Ray Power Supply
Iqbal, S.; Singh, G. K.; Besar, R.
Pág. 1003 - 1008  

Efficiency-Based Auto-Tuning of Current Sensing and Sharing Loops in Multiphase Converters
Abu Qahouq, J. A.; Huang, L.; Huard, D.
Pág. 1009 - 1013  

Remaining Inductor Current Phenomena of Complex DC¿DC Converters in Discontinuous Conduction Mode: General Concepts and Case Study
Zhu, M.; Luo, F. L.; He, Y.
Pág. 1014 - 1019  

Current Imbalance Elimination for a Three-Phase Three-Switch PFC Converter
Chiu, H.-J.; Wang, T.-H.; Lin, L.-W.; Lo, Y.-K.
Pág. 1020 - 1022  

A SPICE Electrothermal Model of the Selected Class of Monolithic Switching Regulators
Zarebski, J.; Gorecki, K.
Pág. 1023 - 1026  

An Optimized Scalable BSIM Macromodel for HV Double-Diffused Drain MOSFET ${I}$¿${V}$ Characteristics
Jiayi, X.; Yanling, S.; Zheng, R.; Shaojian, H.; Shoumian, C.; Yuhang, Z.; Yanfang, D.; Zongsheng, L.
Pág. 1027 - 1030  

Improved Multilevel Hysteresis Current Regulation and Capacitor Voltage Balancing Schemes for Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter
Shukla, A.; Ghosh, A.; Joshi, A.
Pág. 518 - 529  

Discontinuous Space-Vector Modulation for Three-Level PWM Rectifiers
Dalessandro, L.; Round, S. D.; Drofenik, U.; Kolar, J. W.
Pág. 530 - 542  

Analytical Modelling of Voltage Balance Dynamics for a Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converter
McGrath, B. P.; Holmes, D. G.
Pág. 543 - 550  

Boundary Control of Boost Converters Using State-Energy Plane
Song, T.-T.; Chung, H. S. H.
Pág. 551 - 563  

Continuous-Time Digital Controller for High-Frequency DC-DC Converters
Zhao, Z.; Prodic, A.
Pág. 564 - 573  

Dead-Time Elimination for Voltage Source Inverters
Chen, L.; Peng, F. Z.
Pág. 574 - 580  

Synthesis of Sinusoidal Waveform References Synchronized With Periodic Signals
Busada, C. A.; Chiacchiarini, H. G.; Balda, J. C.
Pág. 581 - 590  

Application of Reset Voltage Feedback for Droop Minimization in the Unidirectional Current Pulse Transformer
McNeill, N.; Gupta, N. K.; Burrow, S. G.; Holliday, D.; Mellor, P. H.
Pág. 591 - 599  

Indirect Sliding Mode Control of Power Converters Via Double Integral Sliding Surface
Tan, S.-C.; Lai, Y. M.; Tse, C. K.
Pág. 600 - 611  

Predictive Current Control Strategy With Imposed Load Current Spectrum
Cortes, P.; Rodriguez, J.; Quevedo, D. E.; Silva, C.
Pág. 612 - 618  

Sliding Mode Pulsewidth Modulation
Yan, W.; Hu, J.; Utkin, V.; Xu, L.
Pág. 619 - 626  

Digital Predictive Feed-Forward Controller for a DC¿DC Converter in Plasma Display Panel
Chae, S.; Hyun, B.; Agarwal, P.; Kim, W.; Cho, B.
Pág. 627 - 634  

A Unity Power Factor Correction Preregulator With Fast Dynamic Response Based on a Low-Cost Microcontroller
Lamar, D. G.; Fernandez, A.; Arias, M.; Rodriguez, M.; Sebastian, J.; Hernando, M. M.
Pág. 635 - 642  

An IGBT Gate Driver for Feed-Forward Control of Turn-on Losses and Reverse Recovery Current
Grbovic, P. J.
Pág. 643 - 652  

Optimal Design of Resonant Gate Driver for Buck Converter Based on a New Analytical Loss Model
Zhang, Z.; Eberle, W.; Yang, Z.; Liu, Y.-F.; Sen, P. C.
Pág. 653 - 666  

A High Efficiency Dual-Mode Buck Converter IC For Portable Applications
Liou, W.-R.; Yeh, M.-L.; Kuo, Y. L.
Pág. 667 - 677  

A Current Source Gate Driver Achieving Switching Loss Savings and Gate Energy Recovery at 1-MHz
Eberle, W.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Y.-F.; Sen, P. C.
Pág. 678 - 691  

Switching Characteristics of GaN HFETs in a Half Bridge Package for High Temperature Applications
Nomura, T.; Masuda, M.; Ikeda, N.; Yoshida, S.
Pág. 692 - 697  

Calculation of DC Magnetic Flux Deviation in the Converter-Transformer of a Self-Commutated BTB System During Single-Line-to-Ground Faults
Hagiwara, M.; Pham, P. V.; Akagi, H.
Pág. 698 - 706  

Analysis and Design of a Novel Three-Phase AC¿DC Buck-Boost Converter
Yang, L.-S.; Liang, T.-J.; Chen, J.-F.
Pág. 707 - 714  

A Novel Three-Phase PFC Rectifier Using a Harmonic Current Injection Method
Itoh, J.-I.; Ashida, I.
Pág. 715 - 722  

Averaging Technique for the Modeling of STATCOM and Active Filters
Bina, M. T.; Bhat, A. K. S.
Pág. 723 - 734  

On Control of Static Synchronous Series Compensator for SSR Mitigation
Bongiorno, M.; Svensson, J.; Angquist, L.
Pág. 735 - 743  

Methodology for Cable Modeling and Simulation for High-Frequency Phenomena Studies in PWM Motor Drives
De Paula, H.; Andrade, D. A.; Chaves, M. L. R.; Domingos, J. L.; de Freitas, M. A. A.
Pág. 744 - 752  

A Modeling Technique to Analyze the Impact of Inverter Supply Voltage and Cable Length on Industrial Motor-Drives
Amarir, S.; Al-Haddad, K.
Pág. 753 - 762  

A Specific Filter for Eliminating High-Frequency Leakage Current From the Grounded Heat Sink in a Motor Drive With an Active Front End
Akagi, H.; Oe, T.
Pág. 763 - 770  

Transformer-Coupled Multiport ZVS Bidirectional DC¿DC Converter With Wide Input Range
Tao, H.; Kotsopoulos, A.; Duarte, J. L.; Hendrix, M. A. M.
Pág. 771 - 781  

Three-Port Triple-Half-Bridge Bidirectional Converter With Zero-Voltage Switching
Tao, H.; Duarte, J. L.; Hendrix, M. A. M.
Pág. 782 - 792  

A Novel Zero-Voltage-Switching PWM Full Bridge Converter
Chen, W.; Ruan, X.; Zhang, R.
Pág. 793 - 801  

New Self-Switching Converters
Richardeau, F.; Roux, N.; Foch, H.; Laur, J.-P.; Breil-Dupuy, M.; Sanchez, J.-L.; Capy, F.
Pág. 802 - 812  

A ZVS Bidirectional DC¿DC Converter With Phase-Shift Plus PWM Control Scheme
Xiao, H.; Xie, S.
Pág. 813 - 823  

Performance of a Diode-Clamped Linear Amplifier
Fujita, H.; Yamashita, N.
Pág. 824 - 831  

A New Design Method for High-Power High-Efficiency Switched-Capacitor DC¿DC Converters
Zhang, F.; Du, L.; Peng, F. Z.; Qian, Z.
Pág. 832 - 840  

Analysis and Optimization of Switched-Capacitor DC¿DC Converters
Seeman, M. D.; Sanders, S. R.
Pág. 841 - 851  

High Efficiency Parallel Post Regulator for Wide Range Input DC¿DC Converter
Wang, X.; Tian, F.; Batarseh, I.
Pág. 852 - 858  

Modeling and Design Rules of a Two-Cell Buck Converter Under a Digital PWM Controller
El Aroudi, A.; Robert, B. G. M.; Cid-Pastor, A.; Martinez-Salamero, L.
Pág. 859 - 870  

Voltage Multiplier Cells Applied to Non-Isolated DC¿DC Converters
Prudente, M.; Pfitscher, L. L.; Emmendoerfer, G.; Romaneli, E. F.; Gules, R.
Pág. 871 - 887  

A New Interleaved Series Input Parallel Output (ISIPO) Forward Converter With Inherent Demagnetizing Features
Jin, T.; Zhang, K.; Smedley, K.
Pág. 888 - 895  

Analysis and Design of Voltage Regulator With Adaptive FET Modulation Scheme and Improved Efficiency
Abdel-Rahman, O.; Abu-Qahouq, J. A.; Huang, L.; Batarseh, I.
Pág. 896 - 906  

High Precision Load Current Sensing Using On-Line Calibration of Trace Resistance
Eirea, G.; Sanders, S. R.
Pág. 907 - 914  

Giant Magneto Resistive (GMR) Effect Based Current Sensing Technique for Low Voltage/High Current Voltage Regulator Modules
Singh, R. P.; Khambadkone, A. M.
Pág. 915 - 925  

New Online Loss-Minimization-Based Control of an Induction Motor Drive
Uddin, M. N.; Nam, S. W.
Pág. 926 - 933  

Novel Back-EMF Detection Technique of Brushless DC Motor Drives for Wide Range Control Without Using Current and Position Sensors
Lai, Y.-S.; Lin, Y.-K.
Pág. 934 - 940  

Stator Flux Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive in the Field Weakening Region
Mengoni, M.; Zarri, L.; Tani, A.; Serra, G.; Casadei, D.
Pág. 941 - 949  

A New Torque Control Method for Torque Ripple Minimization of BLDC Motors With Un-Ideal Back EMF
Lu, H.; Zhang, L.; Qu, W.
Pág. 950 - 958  

Dual Speed Control Scheme of Servo Drive System for a Nonlinear Friction Compensation
Lee, D.-H.; Ahn, J.-W.
Pág. 959 - 965  

Reduced Switch Count Multiple Three-Phase AC Machine Drive Systems
Jacobina, C. B.; dos Santos, Jr., E. C.; da Silva, E. R. C.; Correa, M. B. d. R.; Lima, A. M. N.; Oliveira, T. M.
Pág. 966 - 976  

Experimental High-Performance Control of Two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines in an Integrated Drive for Automotive Applications
Tang, L.; Su, G.-J.; Huang, X.
Pág. 977 - 984  

Analysis and Reduction of Time Harmonic Rotor Loss in Solid-Rotor Synchronous Reluctance Drive
Park, J.-D.; Kalev, C.; Hofmann, H. F.
Pág. 985 - 992  

Corona Discharge Surface Treater Without High Voltage Transformer
Burany, N.; Huber, L.; Pejovi¿, P.
Pág. 993 - 1002