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Volumen 53 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2007

ISO 14001 certification and environmental performance in Quebec's pulp and paper industry
Pág. 291 - 306  

Structural change and sustainable development
Ramón E. López, Gustavo Anríquez and Sumeet G
Pág. 307 - 322  

Altruism and environmental risks to health of parents and their children
Mark Dickie and Shelby Ge
Pág. 323 - 341  

Designs with a priori information for nonmarket valuation with choice experiments: A Monte Carlo study
Silvia Ferrini and Riccardo S
Pág. 342 - 363  

Growth accounting in a fishery
Rögnvaldur Hann
Pág. 364 - 376  

Labor market estimates of the senior discount for the value of statistical life
W. Kip Viscusi and Joseph E.
Pág. 377 - 392  

On the sustainability of common property resources
Nuria Osés-Eraso and Montserrat Viladrich
Pág. 393 - 410