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Volumen 14 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2007

On the Internet: Turbulence and 1001 Nights of Networked Performance
Miranda, M.; Neumark, N.
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Next-Generation Multimedia Database Retrieval [review of Multimedia Database Retrieval: A Human-Centered Approach by Muneesawang, P. and Guan, L.; 2006]
Gomez, J.; Vicedo, J.L.
Pág. 106 - 107  

Revisiting Computer Image Analysis and Art
Stork, D.; Duarte, M.
Pág. 108 - 109  

Computer Society Information
Pág. 11 - 11  

New Products
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Photo Retrieval: Multimedia's Chance to Solve a Real Problem for Real People
Jain, R.
Pág. 112 - 112  

Guest Editors' Introduction: Advances in Multimedia Computing
Rui, Y.; Mayer-Patel, K.; Klas, W.
Pág. 12 - 13  

Reranking Methods for Visual Search
Hsu, W.H.; Kennedy, L.S.; Shih-Fu Chang
Pág. 14 - 22  

MultiMedia Advertiser/Products
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Toward Bridging the Annotation-Retrieval Gap in Image Search
Datta, R.; Weina Ge; Jia Li; Wang, J.Z.
Pág. 24 - 35  

Tiling Slideshow: An Audiovisual Presentation Method for Consumer Photos
Wei-Ta Chu; Jun-Cheng Chen; Ja-Ling Wu
Pág. 36 - 45  

Exploring Music Collections in Virtual Landscapes
Knees, P.; Schedl, M.; Pohle, T.; Widmer, G
Pág. 46 - 54  

2007 MultiMedia Editorial Calendar
Pág. 55 - 55  

Progressive Cut: An Image Cutout Algorithm that Models User Intentions
Qiong Yang; Xiaoou Tang; Chao Wang; Zhongfu Ye; Mo Chen
Pág. 56 - 66  

Mobile Opportunities: Experiencing TV Outside Your Living Room
Titsworth, T.
Pág. 6 - 7  

Silver Bullet Security Podcast
Pág. 67 - 67  

Scalable, Adaptive Streaming for Nonlinear Media
Mayer-Patel, K.; Gotz, D
Pág. 68 - 83  

UpStage: A Platform for Creating and Performing Online
Neumark, N.
Pág. 8 - 10  

Perceptual Issues in Haptic Digital Watermarking
Prattichizzo, D.; Barni, M.; Menegaz, G.; Formaglio, A.; Tan, H.Z.; Seungmoon Choi
Pág. 84 - 91  

Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in China
Weiqiang Liang; Wenjun Zhang; Dazhi He; Yunfeng Guan; Yao Wang; Jun Sun
Pág. 92 - 97  

Mediascapes: Context-Aware Multimedia Experiences
Stenton, S.P.; Hull, R.; Goddi, P.M.; Reid, J.E.; Clayton, B.J.; Melamed, T.J.; Wee, S.
Pág. 98 - 105  

Looking into the Future
Panchanathan, S.
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Upcoming Events
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