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Volumen 53 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2004

Opinion Item: Cancelled US-Military Specifications
Marsh, W. A.
Pág. 1 - 2  

Introduction to Special Section on: Quality/Reliability Engineering of Information Systems
Ye, N. Saydjari, O. S.
Pág. 102 - 102  

A Quantitative Analysis of Anonymous Communications
Guan, Y. Fu, X. Bettati, R. Zhao, W.
Pág. 103 - 115  

Parametric Inference of Incomplete Data With Competing Risks Among Several Groups
Park, C. Kulasekera, K. B.
Pág. 11 - 21  

Robustness of the Markov-Chain Model for Cyber-Attack Detection
Ye, N. Zhang, Y. Borror, C. M.
Pág. 116 - 123  

Masquerade Detection Augmented With Error Analysis
Maxion, R. A. Townsend, T. N.
Pág. 124 - 147  

Feedback Control Applied to Survivability: A Host-Based Autonomic Defense System
Kreidl, O. P. Frazier, T. M.
Pág. 148 - 166  

Analysis of Grouped and Censored Data From Step-Stress Life Test
Xiong, C. Ji, M.
Pág. 22 - 28  

Competing Causes of Failure and Reliability Tests for Weibull Lifetimes Under Type I Progressive Censoring
Balasooriya, U. Low, C.-K.
Pág. 29 - 36  

An O(k^2 · log(n)) Algorithm for Computing the Reliability of Consecutive-k-out-of-n: F Systems
Lin, M.-S.
Pág. 3 - 6  

Discounted Warranty Cost of Minimally Repaired Series Systems
Bai, J. Pham, H.
Pág. 37 - 42  

Constructing Fault Trees for Advanced Process Control Systems-Application to Cascade Control Loops
Ju, S.-N. Chen, C.-L. Chang, C.-T.
Pág. 43 - 60  

A Novel Approach to Determine Minimal Tie-Sets of Complex Network
Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M. Billinton, R. Munian, T. S. Vinayagam, B.
Pág. 61 - 70  

Stochastic Ordering Results for Consecutive k-out-of-n: F Systems
Boland, P. J. Samaniego, F. J.
Pág. 7 - 10  

Minimal-Cost System Reliability With Discrete-Choice Sets for Components
Aneja, Y. P. Chandrasekaran, R. Nair, K. P. K.
Pág. 71 - 76  

A Generalized SSI Reliability Model Considering Stochastic Loading and Strength Aging Degradation
Huang, W. Askin, R. G.
Pág. 77 - 82  

Assessing the Reliability and Degradation of Photovoltaic Module Performance Parameters
Meyer, E. L. van Dyk, E. E.
Pág. 83 - 92  

A Heterogeneous Built-In Self-Repair Approach Using System-Level Synthesis Flexibility
Hong, I. Potkonjak, M. Karri, R.
Pág. 93 - 101