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Volumen 133 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2011

Overtip Shock Wave Structure and Its Impact on Turbine Blade Tip Heat Transfer
Q. Zhang, D. O. O'Dowd, L. He, A. P. S. Wheeler, P. M. Ligrani, and B. C. Y. Cheong

The Effect of the Combustor-Turbine Slot and Midpassage Gap on Vane Endwall Heat Transfer
Stephen P. Lynch and Karen A. Thole

Computational Predictions of Heat Transfer and Film-Cooling for a Turbine Blade With Nonaxisymmetric Endwall Contouring
Stephen P. Lynch, Karen A. Thole, Atul Kohli, and Christopher Lehane

Impact of Nonuniform Leading Edge Coatings on the Aerodynamic Performance of Compressor Airfoils
Michael E. Elmstrom, Knox T. Millsaps, Garth V. Hobson, and Jeffrey S. Patterson

Predictions of Enhanced Heat Transfer of an Internal Blade Tip-Wall With Hemispherical Dimples or Protrusions
Gongnan Xie, Bengt Sundén, and Qiuwang Wang

Trailing Edge Film Cooling of Gas Turbine Airfoils¿External Cooling Performance of Various Internal Pin Fin Configurations
T. Horbach, A. Schulz, and H.-J. Bauer

Effects of an Axisymmetric Contoured Endwall on a Nozzle Guide Vane: Adiabatic Effectiveness Measurements
A. A. Thrift, K. A. Thole, and S. Hada

Effects of an Axisymmetric Contoured Endwall on a Nozzle Guide Vane: Convective Heat Transfer Measurements
A. A. Thrift, K. A. Thole, and S. Hada

Experimental and Numerical Cross-Over Jet Impingement in an Airfoil Trailing-Edge Cooling Channel
M. E. Taslim and A. Nongsaeng

Ad-Hoc Boundary Conditions for CFD Analyses of Turbomachinery Problems With Strong Flow Gradients at Farfield Boundaries
M. Sergio Campobasso and Mohammad H. Baba-Ahmadi

Effect of Density Ratio on Flat Plate Film Cooling With Shaped Holes Using PSP
Lesley M. Wright, Stephen T. McClain, and Michael D. Clemenson

Effect of Turning Vane Configurations on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in a Ribbed Internal Cooling System
Wei Chen, Jing Ren, and Hongde Jiang

Effects of Fan Speed on Rotating Stall Inception and Recovery
Minsuk Choi, Mehdi Vahdati, and Mehmet Imregun

Microchannels With Manufacturing Roughness Levels
S. A. Weaver, M. D. Barringer, and K. A. Thole

Modeling of Surge Characteristics in Turbo Heat Pumps
Hye Rim Kim and Seung Jin Song

Separation Control of Axial Compressor Cascade by Fluidic-Based Excitations
Xinqian Zheng, Yangjun Zhang, Weidong Xing, and Junyue Zhang