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Volumen 11 Número 6 Parte 0 Año 2004

Anti-Jamming Filtering in the Autocorrelation Domain
Liu, R. Ying, R.
Pág. 525 - 528  

Exact Fractional-Order Differentiators for Polynomial Signals
Samadi, S. Ahmad, M. O. Swamy, M. N. S.
Pág. 529 - 532  

Flexible Parametrization of Postnonlinear Mixtures Model in Blind Sources Separation
Pham, D.-T.
Pág. 533 - 536  

Fast Algorithms for Blind Estimation of Reverberation Time
Ratnam, R. Jones, D. L. O Brien, W. D.
Pág. 537 - 540  

Multicriteria Design of Oversampled Uniform DFT Filter Banks
Yiu, K. F. C. Grbic, N. Nordholm, S. Teo, K. L.
Pág. 541 - 544  

A New Class of Shift-Invariant Operators
Heikkila, J.
Pág. 545 - 548  

Generalized Cross Validation for Multiwavelet Shrinkage
Hsung, T.-C. Lun, D. P.-K.
Pág. 549 - 552  

On the Use of Phase and Energy for Musical Onset Detection in the Complex Domain
Bello, J. P. Duxbury, C. Davies, M. Sandler, M.
Pág. 553 - 556  

Adaptive Filtering With Averaging-Based Algorithm for Feedforward Active Noise Control Systems
Akhtar, M. T. Abe, M. Kawamata, M.
Pág. 557 - 560  

Fade-Resistant Transmission Over Time-Varying Wireless Channels
Saquib, M. Win, M. Z.
Pág. 561 - 564  

Log Likelihood Ratio Calculation Without SNR Estimation for Forward Link DS-CDMA Receivers
Lee, J.
Pág. 565 - 568  

TCP Retransmission Timeout Algorithm Using Weighted Medians
Ma, L. Arce, G. R. Barner, K. E.
Pág. 569 - 572  

Multiple Antenna Transmission With Channel State Information: A Low-Rate Feedback Approach
Nagaraj, S. Huang, Y.-F.
Pág. 573 - 576  

An Edge-Oriented Spatial Interpolation for Consecutive Block Error Concealment
Hsia, S.-C.
Pág. 577 - 580  

On the Use of Channel-Attentive MFCC for Robust Recognition of Partially Corrupted Speech
Cho, H.-Y. Oh, Y.-H.
Pág. 581 - 584  

Suppression of Additive Noise Using a Power Spectral Density MMSE Estimator
Ding, G.-H. Huang, T. Xu, B.
Pág. 585 - 588