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Volumen 39 Número 7 Parte 0 Año 2005

Research on the effect of microwave pretreatment on moisture diffusion coefficient of wood
Xianjun Li, Biguang Zhang, Wenjun Li, Yanjun Li
Pág. 521 - 528  

Non-destructive estimation of Pinus taeda L tracheid morphological characteristics for samples from a wide range of sites in Georgia
P. D. Jones, L. R. Schimleck, G. F. Peter, R. F. Daniels, A. Clark
Pág. 529 - 545  

Compression behaviors of acetylated wood in organic liquids. Part II. Drying-set and its recovery
Eiichi Obataya and Hidefumi Yamauchi
Pág. 546 - 559  

The effect of taper on the MOE of log stringers
C. Kevin Lyons and D. M. Bennett
Pág. 560 - 568  

Effect of thinning and fertilizer on the cellulose crystallite width of Eucalyptus globulus
Russell Washusen, Tom Baker, David Menz, Andrew Morrow
Pág. 569 - 578  

Finite element analyses in wood research: a bibliography
Jaroslav Mackerle
Pág. 579 - 600