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Volumen 10 Número 8 Parte August Año 2018

Sea Water Contamination in the Vicinity of the Italian Minor Islands Caused by Microplastic Pollution
Giuseppe Andrea De Lucia, Alvise Vianello, Andrea Camedda, Danilo Vani, Paolo Tomassetti, Stefania Coppa, Luca Palazzo, Marina Amici, Giulia Romanelli, Giorgio Zampetti, Anna Maria Cicero, Serena Carpentieri, Stefania Di Vito and Marco Matiddi

Efficient Ammonium Removal by Bacteria Rhodopseudomonas Isolated from Natural Landscape Water: China Case Study
Xuejiao Huang, Jiupai Ni, Chong Yang, Mi Feng, Zhenlun Li and Deti Xie

Comprehensive Evaluation of Water Resource Security: Case Study from Luoyang City, China
Guanghua Dong, Juqin Shen, Yizhen Jia and Fuhua Sun

Joint Operation of Surface Water and Groundwater Reservoirs to Address Water Conflicts in Arid Regions: An Integrated Modeling Study
Yong Tian, Jianzhi Xiong, Xin He, Xuehui Pi, Shijie Jiang, Feng Han and Yi Zheng

Climatic Variations in Macerata Province (Central Italy)
Matteo Gentilucci, Maurizio Barbieri and Peter Burt

Spatial Variations in the Abundance and Chemical Speciation of Phosphorus across the River?Sea Interface in the Northern Beibu Gulf
Bin Yang, Zhen-Jun Kang, Dong-Liang Lu, Solomon Felix Dan, Zhi-Ming Ning, Wen-Lu Lan and Qiu-Ping Zhong

Conditions Influencing Municipal Strategy-Making for Sustainable Urban Water Management: Assessment of Three Swedish Municipalities
Erik Glaas, Mattias Hjerpe and Robert Jonsson

Analysis of Irrigation Canal System Characteristics in Heilongjiang Province and the Influence on Irrigation Water Use Efficiency
Tianxiao Li, Mengxin Sun, Qiang Fu, Song Cui and Dong Liu

Impact of Rainwater Harvesting on the Drainage System: Case Study of a Condominium of Houses in Curitiba, Southern Brazil
Andréa Teston, Celimar Azambuja Teixeira, Enedir Ghisi and Ernani Benincá Cardoso

Combining Grey Relational Analysis and a Bayesian Model Averaging Method to Derive Monthly Optimal Operating Rules for a Hydropower Reservoir
Guohua Fang, Yuxue Guo, Xianfeng Huang, Martine Rutten and Yu Yuan

Exploring and Quantifying River Thermal Response to Heatwaves
Sebastiano Piccolroaz, Marco Toffolon, Christopher T. Robinson and Annunziato Siviglia

Socio-Psychological Perspectives on the Potential for Serious Games to Promote Transcendental Values in IWRM Decision-Making
Dianna Marini, Wietske Medema, Jan Adamowski, Samuel P. L. Veissière, Igor Mayer and Arjen E. J. Wals

Artificial Aquatic Ecosystems
Chelsea C. Clifford and James B. Heffernan

New Insights on Land Surface-Atmosphere Feedbacks over Tropical South America at Interannual Timescales
Juan Mauricio Bedoya-Soto, Germán Poveda and David Sauchyn

Effects of Erosion Control Works: Case Study?Grdelica Gorge, the South Morava River (Serbia)
Stanimir Kostadinov, Sonja Braunovic, Slavoljub Dragicevic, Miodrag Zlatic, Nada Dragovic and Nikola Rakonjac

The Use of a Polymer Inclusion Membrane for Arsenate Determination in Groundwater
Ruben Vera, Enriqueta Anticó and Clàudia Fontàs

Correction of Precipitation Records through Inverse Modeling in Watersheds of South-Central Chile
Enrique Muñoz, Mauricio Acuña, Juan Lucero and Ignacio Rojas

Characteristics and Practices of Ecological Flow in Rivers with Flow Reductions Due to Water Storage and Hydropower Projects in China
Lejun Ma, Xingnan Zhang, Huan Wang and Changjun Qi

Comparison of the Roles of Optimizing Root Distribution and the Water Uptake Function in Simulating Water and Heat Fluxes within a Maize Agroecosystem
Fu Cai, Yushu Zhang, Huiqing Ming, Na Mi, Shujie Zhang, Hui Zhang, Yanbing Xie and Xianli Zhao

Spatiotemporal Variability in Extreme Precipitation in China from Observations and Projections
Yifeng Peng, Xiang Zhao, Donghai Wu, Bijian Tang, Peipei Xu, Xiaozheng Du and Haoyu Wang

Estimating Evapotranspiration of Processing Tomato under Plastic Mulch Using the SIMDualKc Model
Huimeng Zhang, Guanhua Huang, Xu Xu, Yunwu Xiong and Quanzhong Huang

Integration of DSM and SPH to Model Tailings Dam Failure Run-Out Slurry Routing Across 3D Real Terrain
Kun Wang, Peng Yang, Karen A. Hudson-Edwards, Wensheng Lyu, Chao Yang and Xiaofei Jing

The Unfavourable Impact of Street Traffic on Water Distribution Pipelines
Ioan A?chilean, Mihai Iliescu, Nicolae Ciont and Ioan Giurca

Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on Soil Erosion in the Xihe River Basin, China
Shanshan Guo, Zhengru Zhu and Leting Lyu

Effect of Porous Baffles on the Energy Performance of Contact Tanks in Water Treatment
M. Anil Kizilaslan, Ender Demirel and Mustafa M. Aral

Determination of Micropollutants in Water Samples from Swimming Pool Systems
Anna Lempart, Edyta Kudlek and Mariusz Dudziak

Low Water Productivity for Rice in Bihar, India?A Critical Analysis
Omaid Najmuddin, Golam Rasul, Abid Hussain, David Molden, Shahriar Wahid and Bijan Debnath

Water Stewardship: Attributes of Collaborative Partnerships between Mining Companies and Communities
Jocelyn Fraser and Nadja C. Kunz

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Uptake Dynamics in Tropical Cerrado Woodland Streams
Nícolas Reinaldo Finkler, Flavia Tromboni, Iola Gonçalves Boëchat, Björn Gücker and Davi Gasparini Fernandes Cunha

Assessing Water Scarcity Using the Water Poverty Index (WPI) in Golestan Province of Iran
Masoud Jafari Shalamzari and Wanchang Zhang