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Volumen 19 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2006

Heavy metal removal mechanism of acid mine drainage in wetlands: A critical review
A.S. Sheoran and V. Sheoran
Pág. 105 - 116  

Cyanide oxidation by ozone in a steady-state flow bubble column
F. Barriga-Ordonez, F. Nava-Alonso and A. Uribe-Salas
Pág. 117 - 122  

Selective leaching of a copper ore by an electromembrane process using ammonia solutions
Nassila Sabba and Djamal-Eddine Akretche
Pág. 123 - 129  

High pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) applications in the cement industry
Nam¿k A. Aydo¿an, Levent Ergün and Hakan Benzer
Pág. 130 - 139  

An investigation into the feasibility of recovering valuable metals from solid oxide compounds by gas phase extraction in a fluidised bed
J.H. Potgieter, M.A. Kabemba, A. Teodorovic, S.S. Potgieter-Vermaak and W.G. Augustyn
Pág. 140 - 146  

Adsorption of polysaccharide onto talc
Gushan Liu, Qiming Feng, Leming Ou, Yiping Lu and Guofan Zhang
Pág. 147 - 153  

Some remarks on the reactor network synthesis for gold cyanidation
L.R.P. de Andrade Lima
Pág. 154 - 161  

Particle size classification in a fluidized bed containing parallel inclined plates
E. Doroodchi, J. Zhou, D.F. Fletcher and K.P. Galvin
Pág. 162 - 171  

The role of copper and lead in the activation of pyrite in xanthate and non-xanthate systems
E.T. Pecina, A. Uribe, F. Nava and J.A. Finch
Pág. 172 - 179  

Nickel solids concentration distribution in a stirred tank
Aoyi Ochieng and Alison E. Lewis
Pág. 180 - 189  

High-density-infrared (HDI) treatment of mineral processing equipment for enhanced wear resistance
D. Tao, C. Blue, N.B. Dahotre, R. Honaker, B.K. Parekh, P.G. Engleman, C. Zhao and H. Han
Pág. 190 - 196