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Volumen 19 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2006

Effect of cuprous cyanide, dry and wet milling on the selective flotation of galena and sphalerite
M.D. Seke and P.C. Pistorius
Pág. 1 - 11  

Maximum bubble loads: Experimental measurement vs. analytical estimation
P.M. Gallegos-Acevedo, R. Pérez-Garibay and A. Uribe-Salas
Pág. 12 - 18  

Preventing oxidation of iron sulfide minerals by polyethylene polyamines
Yu-Wei Chen, Yuerong Li, Mei-Fang Cai, Nelson Belzile and Zhi Dang
Pág. 19 - 27  

Effect of polyphosphate and naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate on the rheological properties of dewatered tailings and cemented paste backfill
L. Huynh, D.A. Beattie, D. Fornasiero and J. Ralston
Pág. 28 - 36  

Liquid axial dispersion and holdup in column leaching
L.R.P. de Andrade Lima
Pág. 37 - 47  

Amine¿oleate interactions in feldspar flotation
E.C. Orhan and ¿. Bayraktar
Pág. 48 - 55  

Treatment of pyritic matrix gold¿silver refractory ores by ozonization¿cyanidation
E. Elorza-Rodríguez, F. Nava-Alonso, J. Jara and C. Lara-Valenzuela
Pág. 56 - 61  

Adsorption of dithiophosphate and dithiophosphinate on chalcopyrite
Taki Güler, Cahit Hiçyilmaz, Gülsün Gökag¿aç and Zafir Ekmeçi
Pág. 62 - 71  

Coal reverse flotation. Part I: Separation of a mixture of subbituminous coal and gangue minerals
Kejian Ding and Janusz S. Laskowski
Pág. 72 - 78  

Coal reverse flotation. Part II: Cleaning of a subbituminous coal
Kejian Ding and Janusz S. Laskowski
Pág. 79 - 86