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Volumen 64 Número 9 Parte 0 Año 2012

Health and safety: Tools to keep miners safe will be on display
Georgene Renner
Pág. 102 - 108  

Climax Mine: Back in business after a 17-year layoff
William Gleason
Pág. 109  

It¿s not just trucks and shovels: Mineral processing equipment will be on hand, too
Emily Wortman-Wunder
Pág. 38 - 41  

Design and construction challenges of hard rock TBMs at the Gotthard Base Tunnel
Michael Rehbock-Sander, Yves Boissonnas
Pág. 42 - 53  

Mining software: Digital tools for all facets of mining
Georgene Renner
Pág. 54 - 63  

Engines and tires: Emissions, life of tire improved with technology
William Gleason
Pág. 64 - 71  

The biggest names in mining will be at MINExpo showing off their machines
William Gleason
Pág. 72 - 101