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Volumen 112 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2012

Novel size and shape measurements applied to jig plant performance analysis
AE Voigt, C Twala
Pág. 171  

Development of a prototype X-ray transmission washability monitor
S Shamaila, B Ntsoelengoe, J Bachmann, H Wurst, M. Cipold
Pág. 179  

Evaluation of the batch press as a laboratory tool to simulate mediumpressure roller crushers
JCR van Schoor, RF Sandenbergh
Pág. 185  

Maximizing the recovery of fine iron ore using magnetic separation
M Dworzanowski
Pág. 197  

Performance improvements provided
Mintek BDH Knights, JC Satyro, RA Dias, AC de Ara
Pág. 203  

Khumani Iron Ore Mine paste disposal and water recovery system
T du Toit, M Crozier
Pág. 211  

Pelletizing of Sishen concentrate
P Mbele
Pág. 221  

Correlation between P-wave velocity and some mechanical properties for sedimentary rocks
R Altindag
Pág. 229  

A practical application of geostatistical methods to quality and mineral reserve modelling of cement raw materials
TY Yunsel
Pág. 239  

2012 Classifying quarries vis-a-vis prospects of profitability
J Dvoracek, R Sousedikova, J Sterba, P Barta, R Zapletalova
Pág. 251