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Volumen 55 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2012

Advanced Oxidation of Toluene Using Ni-Olivine Catalysts: Part 1. Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of Ni-Olivine Catalysts for Toluene Oxidation
V. M. Smith, P. Kolar, M. D. Boyette, M. Chinn, C. Smith, R. Gangadharan, G. Zhang
Pág. 1013 - 1024  

Thermodynamic Equilibrium Analysis of Methanol Conversion to Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using SAS: A Prelude to Biomass Deoxygenation
D. A. Gunawardena, S. D. Fernando
Pág. 1025 - 1031  

Economic Evaluation of Syngas Production: Model Development and Analysis
H. Kim, P. B. Parajuli, F. Yu, E. P. Columbus, W. D. Batchelor
Pág. 1032 - 1046  

Design and Testing of a LabView-Controlled Catalytic Packed-Bed Reactor System for Production of Hydrocarbon Fuels
J. Street, F. Yu, J. Warnock, J. Wooten, E. Columbus, M. G. White
Pág. 1047 - 1055  

Effects of Laying-Hen Strain on Manure Properties and Ammonia Emission
S. Rahman, H. Xin, S. A. Roberts, J. A. Arthur, R. T. Burns, H. Li, Z. Zhu, L. B. Moody, K. Bregendahl
Pág. 1059 - 1065  

Ammonia Emissions of Pullets and Laying Hens as Affected by Stocking Density and Manure Accumulation Time
L. B. Mendes, H. Xin, H. Li
Pág. 1067 - 1075  

Pad-Fan Systems in Mediterranean Greenhouses: Determining Optimal Setup by Sonic Anemometry
A. López, D. L. Valera, F. D. Molina-Aiz, A. Peña
Pág. 1077 - 1089  

Stochastic Model for Simulating Maize Yield
E. R. Detomini, D. Dourado Neto, J. A. Frizzone, A. Doherty, H. Meinke, K. Reichardt, C. T. S. Dias, M. G. Figueiredo
Pág. 1107 - 1120  

Assessing Crop Injury Caused by Aerially Applied Glyphosate Drift Using Spray Sampling
Y. Huang, W. Ding, S. J. Thomson, K. N. Reddy, R. M. Zablotowicz
Pág. 725 - 731  

Evaluation of Methods to Assess Termination Rates of Cover Crops Using Visual and Non-Visible Light Active Sensors
T. S. Kornecki, F. J. Arriaga, A. J. Price
Pág. 733 - 741  

Automated Yield Map Delay Identification Using Phase Correlation Methodology
D. H. Lee, K. A. Sudduth, S. T. Drummond, S. O. Chung, D. B. Myers
Pág. 743 - 752  

A Heat-Shock Generator for Dormancy Release of Grapevines in the Vineyard
B. Zion, A. Arbel, T. Halaly, R. Regev, M. Barak, G. Lidor, A. Weissblum, E. Harcabi, E. Or
Pág. 753 - 758  

Droplet Sizing and Velocimetry in the Wake of Rotary-Cage Atomizers
A. Bagherpour, I. M. McLeod, A. G. L. Holloway
Pág. 759 - 772  

Development of a Variable-Rate Sprayer with Laser Scanning Sensor to Synchronize Spray Outputs to Tree Structures
Y. Chen, H. Zhu, H. E. Ozkan
Pág. 773 - 781  

Assessing the Effects of DEM Uncertainty on Erosion Rate Estimation in an Agricultural Field
S. Abd Aziz, B. L. Steward, A. Kaleita, M. Karkee
Pág. 785 - 798  

A DRAINMOD-Based Method to Estimate Effects of Drainage Water Management on Annual Nitrogen Loss to Surface Water
R. W. Skaggs, M. A. Youssef, G. M. Chescheir
Pág. 799 - 808  

Laboratory-Scale Evaluation of Anionic Polyacrylamide as an Erosion and Sediment Control Measure on Steep-Sloped Construction Sites
A. L. Shoemaker, W. C. Zech, T. P. Clement
Pág. 809 - 820  

Large-Scale Hydrologic Modeling of the Michigan and Wisconsin Agricultural Regions to Study Impacts of Land Use Changes
A. P. Nejadhashemi, B. J. Wardynski, J. D. Munoz
Pág. 821 - 838  

Evaluating Yield Response of Paddy Rice to Irrigation and Soil Management with Application of the AquaCrop Model
L. Lin, B. Zhang, L. Xiong
Pág. 839 - 848  

Urbanization Impacts on Flooding in the Kansas River Basin and Evaluation of Wetlands as a Mitigation Measure
K. Qaiser, Y. Yuan, R. D. Lopez
Pág. 849 - 859  

Soil Temperature Regulates Nitrogen Loss from Lysimeters following Fall and Winter Manure Application
M. R. Williams, G. W. Feyereisen, D. B. Beegle, R. D. Shannon
Pág. 861 - 870  

Soil Temperature Regulates Phosphorus Loss from Lysimeters Following Fall and Winter Manure Application
M. R. Williams, G. W. Feyereisen, D. B. Beegle, R. D. Shannon
Pág. 871 - 880  

Large-Scale On-Farm Implementation of Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Management Strategies for Increasing Maize Water Productivity
S. Irmak, M. J. Burgert, H. S. Yang, K. G. Cassman, D. T. Walters, W. R. Rathje, J. O. Payero, P. Grassini, M. S. Kuzila, K. J. Brunkhorst, D. E. Eisenhauer, W. L. Kranz, B. VanDeWalle, J. M. Rees, G. L. Zoubek, C. A. Shapiro, G. J. Teichmeier
Pág. 881 - 894  

A Versatile Weather Generator for Daily Precipitation and Temperature
J. Chen, F. P. Brissette, R. Leconte, A. Caron
Pág. 895 - 906  

Mapping Spatially Interpolated Precipitation, Reference Evapotranspiration, Actual Crop Evapotranspiration, and Net Irrigation Requirements in Nebraska: Part I. Precipitation and Reference Evapotranspiration
V. Sharma, S. Irmak
Pág. 907 - 921  

Mapping Spatially Interpolated Precipitation, Reference Evapotranspiration, Actual Crop Evapotranspiration, and Net Irrigation Requirements in Nebraska: Part II. Actual Crop Evapotranspiration and Net Irrigation Requirements
V. Sharma, S. Irmak
Pág. 923 - 936  

Transient Soil Surface Sealing and Infiltration Model for Bare Soil under Droplet Impact
B. A. King, D. L. Bjorneberg
Pág. 937 - 945  

Sorghum Yield Response to Deficit Irrigation
N. L. Klocke, R. S. Currie, D. J. Tomsicek, J. W. Koehn
Pág. 947 - 955  

Using Rapid Geomorphic Assessments to Assess Streambank Stability in Oklahoma Ozark Streams
D. M. Heeren, A. R. Mittelstet, G. A. Fox, D. E. Storm, A. T. Al-Madhhachi, T. L. Midgley, A. F. Stringer, K. B. Stunkel, R. D. Tejral
Pág. 957 - 968  

Irrigation and Nitrogen Impact on Bermudagrass Yield Response in the Southeastern Coastal Plain
K. C. Stone, P. J. Bauer, J. Andrae, W. J. Busscher, J. A. Millen, E. E. Strickland, D. E. Evans
Pág. 969 - 978  

Performance Evaluation of the Michigan Filter Mound for Treating Milking Center Wastewater from a Small Dairy
J. Rathbun, S. I. Safferman, S. S. Davis, T. Cleary, K. Foight
Pág. 979 - 985  

Derivation of Furrow Geometry Using Entropy Theory
V. P. Singh
Pág. 987 - 993  

Surface Transport of Nutrients from Surface-Broadcast and Subsurface-Banded Broiler Litter
J. Lamba, T. R. Way, P. Srivastava, S. Sen, C. W. Wood, K. H. Yoo
Pág. 995 - 1002