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Volumen 32 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2012

The Economic Value of Catching and Keeping or Releasing Saltwater Sport Fish in the Southeast USA
David W. Carter & Christopher Liese
Pág. 613 - 625  

Backwaters in the Upper Reaches of Reservoirs Produce High Densities of Age-0 Crappies
Jonah D. Dagel & L. E. Miranda
Pág. 626 - 634  

Feeding Strategies and Diets of Young-of-the-Year Muskellunge from Two Large River Ecosystems
Kevin L. Kapuscinski, John M. Farrell & Brent A. Murry
Pág. 635 - 647  

Observations of Hatchery-Reared Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Using a Fishway
Thomas P. Archdeacon & W. Jason Remshardt
Pág. 648 - 655  

Population Genetics of Southern Flounder with Implications for Management
J. D. Anderson & W. J. Karel
Pág. 656 - 662  

The Relationship between Age-0 Walleye Density and Adult Year-Class Strength across Northern Wisconsin
Jonathan F. Hansen, Andrew H. Fayram & Joseph M. Hennessy
Pág. 663 - 670  

The Use of Fluorescent Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers to Identify Hybrids: A Case Study Evaluating the Origins of Saugeye following the Cessation of Stocking in an Ohio Reservoir
Michael G. Sovic, Jonathan C. Denlinger & Paul A. Fuerst
Pág. 671 - 678  

Feeding Response of Sport Fish after Electrical Immobilization, Chemical Sedation, or Both
Kim T. Fredricks, Jeffery R. Meinertz, Ryan D. Ambrose, Leanna M. Jackan, Jeremy K. Wise & Mark P. Gaikowski
Pág. 679 - 686  

Use of Night Video to Enumerate Adult Pacific Lamprey Passage at Hydroelectric Dams: Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Escapement Estimates
Tami S. Clabough, Matthew L. Keefer, Christopher C. Caudill, Eric L. Johnson & Christopher A. Peery
Pág. 687 - 695  

A Reward-Recovery Study to Estimate Tagged-Fish Reporting Rates by Idaho Anglers
Kevin A. Meyer, F. Steven Elle, James A. Lamansky Jr., Elizabeth R. J. M. Mamer & Arthur E. Butts
Pág. 696 - 703  

Preliminary Study of Trap Bycatch in the Gulf of Maine's Northern Shrimp Fishery
Cinamon Moffett, Yong Chen & Margaret Hunter
Pág. 704 - 715  

Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) Tags for Marking Small Rainbow Trout
C. A. Leblanc & D. L. Noakes
Pág. 716 - 719  

Comparison of Radiotelemetry and Microsatellites for Determining the Origin of Yukon River Chinook Salmon
Blair G. Flannery, Penny A. Crane, John H. Eiler, Terry D. Beacham, Nick A. Decovich, William D. Templin, Ora L. Schlei & John K. Wenburg
Pág. 720 - 730  

Differences in Paddlefish Populations among Impoundments of the Arkansas River, Arkansas
Frank J. Leone, Joseph N. Stoeckel & Jeffrey W. Quinn
Pág. 731 - 744  

Economic Values for Saltwater Sport Fishing in Alaska: A Stated Preference Analysis
Daniel K. Lew & Douglas M. Larson
Pág. 745 - 759  

Defining Economic Injury Levels for Sea Lamprey Control in the Great Lakes Basin
Brian J. Irwin, Weihai Liu, James R. Bence & Michael L. Jones
Pág. 760 - 771  

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Influence of Genetic Origin on Emigration Behavior and Physiology of Resident and Anadromous Juvenile Oncorhynchus mykiss
Sean A. Hayes, Chad V. Hanson, Devon E. Pearse, Morgan H. Bond, John Carlos Garza & R. Bruce MacFarlane
Pág. 772 - 780  

Effects of Rotenone on Columbia Spotted Frogs Rana luteiventris during Field Applications in Lentic Habitats of Southwestern Montana
Hilary G. Billman, Carter G. Kruse, Sophie St-Hilaire, Todd M. Koel, Jeffrey L. Arnold & Charles R. Peterson
Pág. 781 - 789  

Comparisons of Precision and Bias with Two Age Interpretation Techniques for Opercular Bones of Longnose Sucker, a Long-Lived Northern Fish
Robert C. Perry & John M. Casselman
Pág. 790 - 795  

Evaluation of Osmotic Induction of Calcein Treatments for Marking Juvenile Walleyes
Dale E. Logsdon & Bruce J. Pittman
Pág. 796 - 805  

Onset of Melanophore Patterns in the Head Region of Chinook Salmon: A Natural Marker for the Reidentification of Individual Fish
Joseph E. Merz, Paul Skvorc, Susan M. Sogard, Clark Watry, Scott M. Blankenship & Erwin E. Van Nieuwenhuyse
Pág. 806 - 816