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Volumen 152 Número 6 Parte 0 Año 2005

Design of autonomous photovoltaic power plant for telecommunication relay station
Liu, S.; Dougal, R.A.; Solodovnik, E.V.
Pág. 745 - 754  

Framework for analysis and representation of external systems for online reactive-optimisation studies
Tognete, A.L.; Nepomuceno, L.; dos Santos, A.
Pág. 755 - 762  

Transmission-expansion planning using the DC model and nonlinear-programming technique
Sanchez, I.G.; Romero, R.; Mantovani, J.R.S.; Rider, M.J.
Pág. 763 - 769  

Dynamic performance and resource mixmodification in competitive environments
Rios, S.; Raineri, R.; Roca, M.
Pág. 770 - 779  

Pricing power system stabilisers using game theory
Andreoiu, A.; Bhattacharya, K.; Canizares, C.
Pág. 780 - 786  

Evaluating customer's regulation-control error with frequency-bias setting for dynamic regulation service
Chang-Chien, L.-R.; Chu, I.-C.
Pág. 787 - 794  

Nonlinear interior-point optimal power flow method based on a current mismatch formulation
Zhang, X.P.; Petoussis, S.G.; Godfrey, K.R.
Pág. 795 - 805  

Application of energy function to assess the first-swing stability of a power system with a SVC
Haque, M.H.
Pág. 806 - 812  

Voltage and current sensitivities of radial distribution network: a new approach
Kumar, V.; Gupta, I.; Gupta, H.O.; Agarwal, C.P.
Pág. 813 - 818  

Fast method to determine an area of vulnerability for stochastic prediction of voltage sags
Park, C.H.; Jang, G.
Pág. 819 - 827  

Transmission network expansion planning with security constraints
de J Silva, I.; Rider, M.J.; Romero, R.; Garcia, A.V.; Murari, C.A.
Pág. 828 - 836  

Computation of current-division factors and assessment of earth-grid safety at 161/69 kV indoor-type and outdoor-type substations
Lee, C.-H.; Chang, C.-N.
Pág. 837 - 848  

Estimation of soil thermal parameters from surface temperature of underground cables and prediction of cable rating
Li, H.J.
Pág. 849 - 854  

Lightning induced voltages on multiconductor power distribution line
Kannu, P.D.; Thomas, M.J.
Pág. 855 - 863  

Impulse flashover performance of semiconducting glazed station insulator under icing conditions based on field calculations by finite-element method
Jaiswal, V.; Farzaneh, M.; Lowther, D.A.
Pág. 864 - 870  

Safety-limit curves for earthing system designs: appraisal of standard recommendations
Zhao, H.; Griffiths, H.; Haddad, A.; Ainsley, A.
Pág. 871 - 879  

Compensating algorithm suitable for use with measurement-type current transformers for protection
Kang, Y.C.; Lim, U.J.; Kang, S.H.
Pág. 880 - 890  

Contingency screening and ranking method for voltage stability assessment
de Moura, R.D.; Prada, R.B.
Pág. 891 - 898  

Genetic-algorithm-based optimal power flow for security enhancement
Devaraj, D.; Yegnanarayana, B.
Pág. 899 - 905  

Modified Hopf bifurcation index for power system stability assessment
Tomim, M.A.; Lopes, B.I.L.; Leme, R.C.; Jovita, R.; Zambroni de Souza, A.C.; de Carvalho Mendes, P.P.; Lima, J.W.M
Pág. 906 - 912  

Calculation of electromechanical oscillation modes in large power systems using Jacobi-Davidson method
Du, Z.; Liu, W.; Fang, W.
Pág. 913 - 918  

Optimal substation location and energy distribution network design using a hybrid GA-BFGS algorithm
Carrano, E.G.; Takahashi, R.H.C.; Cardoso, E.P.; Saldanha, R.R.; Neto, O.M.
Pág. 919 - 926  

High-speed differential busbar protection using wavelet-packet transform
Mohammed, M.E.
Pág. 927 - 933  

Hotspot location and mitigation for underground power cables
Su, Q.; Li, H.J.; Tan, K.C.
Pág. 934 - 938  

Optimal reclosure time for improving power-system dynamic behaviour
Griffo, A.; Lauria, D.
Pág. 939 - 944  

Current disparity in multi-column surge arresters
Haddad, A.; Waters, R.T.; German, D.M.; Abdul-Malek, Z. Majumder, R.; Chaudhuri, B.; El-Zobaidi, H.; Pal, B.C.; Jaimoukha, I.M.
Pág. 945 - 951  

LMI approach to normalised /spl Hscr//sub /spl infin// loop-shaping design of power system damping controllers
Majumder, R.; Chaudhuri, B.; El-Zobaidi, H.; Pal, B.C.; Jaimoukha, I.M.
Pág. 952 - 960  

Reactive optimal power flow incorporating margin enhancement constraints with nonlinear interior point method
Song, H.; Lee, B.; Moon, Y.-H.
Pág. 961 - 968  

Power quality detection with classification enhancible wavelet-probabilistic network in a power system
Lin, C.-H.; Tsao, M.-C.
Pág. 969 - 976  

Fault analysis in four-wire distribution networks
Ciric, R.M.; Ochoa, L.F.; Padilla-Feltrin, A.; Nouri, H.
Pág. 977 - 982