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Volumen 44 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2008

Sensorless Operation of a Permanent-Magnet Generator for Aircraft
Burrow, S. G.; Mellor, P. H.; Churn, P. H.; Sawata, T. H.; Holme, M. H.
Pág. 101 - 107  

System Integration and Power-Flow Management for a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Supercapacitors and Batteries
Yoo , H.; Sul, S.-K.; Park, Y.; Jeong, J.
Pág. 108 - 114  

Closed-Loop Control of Medium-Voltage Drives Operated With Synchronous Optimal Pulsewidth Modulation
Oikonomou, N.; Holtz, J.
Pág. 115 - 123  

Disturbance Torque and Motion State Estimation With Low-Resolution Position Interfaces Using Heterodyning Observers
Tesch, T. R.; Lorenz, R. D.
Pág. 124 - 134  

Application of Static Charge Dissipation to Mitigate Electric Discharge Bearing Currents
Muetze, A.; Oh, H. W.
Pág. 135 - 143  

Implementation Issues in Voltage Zero Sequence-Based Encoderless Techniques
Consoli, A.; Scarcella, G.; Scelba, G.; Royak , S.; Harbaugh, M. M.
Pág. 144 - 152  

Ignitability of Spray Clouds of Organic Solvents, Solvent/Water Mixtures, and Water-Based Paints by Electric Sparks, Arcs, and Open Flames
von Pidoll, U.
Pág. 15 - 19  

Influence of Inverter Output Filter on Maximum Torque and Speed of PMSM Drives
Salomÿki, J.; Hinkkanen , M.; Luomi, J.
Pág. 153 - 160  

Implementation Issues and Performance Evaluation of Sinusoidal, Surface-Mounted PM Machine Drives With Hall-Effect Position Sensors and a Vector-Tracking Observer
Harke, M. C.; De Donato, G.; Giulii Capponi, F.; Tesch , T. R.; Lorenz, R. D.
Pág. 161 - 173  

A Utility Power Supply Based on a Four-Output Leg Matrix Converter
Wheeler, P. W.; Zanchetta , P.; Clare, J. C.; Empringham, L.; Bland , M.; Katsis, D
Pág. 174 - 186  

An Advanced Cascade Controller for Series-Connected VSC for Voltage Dip Mitigation
Bongiorno, M.; Svensson, J.; Sannino, A.
Pág. 187 - 195  

An Active-Clamp Push¿Pull Converter for Battery Sourcing Applications
Wu , T.-F.; Hung, J.-C.; Tsai, J.-T.; Tsai, C.-T.; Chen, Y.-M.
Pág. 196 - 204  

Charge-Decay Characteristics of Granular Materials Forming Monolayers at the Surface of Grounded Electrodes
Dascalescu, L.; Mihalcioiu, A.; Stochita, A.; Notingher, P. V.
Pág. 20 - 24  

Auxiliary Supply-Assisted 12-Pulse Phase-Controlled Rectifiers With Reduced Input Current Harmonics
Fukuda , S.; Hiei , I.
Pág. 205 - 212  

High-Density Nanocrystalline Core Transformer for High-Power High-Frequency Resonant Converter
Shen, W.; Wang, F.; Boroyevich, D.; Tipton IV, C. W.
Pág. 213 - 222  

Using Transformer Parasitics for Resonant Converters¿A Review of the Calculation of the Stray Capacitance of Transformers
Biela, J.; Kolar, J. W.
Pág. 223 - 233  

Super Barrier Rectifier¿A New Generation of Power Diode
Rodov, V.; Ankoudinov, A. L.; Taufik
Pág. 234 - 237  

Multicell High-Current Rectifier
Wiechmann, E. P.; Aqueveque, P.; Morales, A. S.; AcuÃ`a, P. F.; Burgos , R.
Pág. 238 - 246  

MOSFET-Based Pulse Power Supply for Bacterial Transformation
Grenier, J. R.; Jayaram, S. H.; Kazerani, M.; Wang, H.; Griffiths, M. W.
Pág. 25 - 31  

Using Design of Experiments and Virtual Instrumentation to Evaluate the Tribocharging of Pulverulent Materials in Compressed-Air Devices
Dascalescu, L.; Medles , K.; Das, S.; Younes, M.; Caliap, L.; Mihalcioiu, A
Pág. 3 - 8  

Tribocharging Characteristics of the Mars Dust Simulant (JSC Mars-1)
Sharma, R.; Clark, D. W.; Srirama, P. K.; Mazumder, M. K.
Pág. 32 - 39  

Sharma, R.; Clark, D. W.; Srirama, P. K.; Mazumder, M. K.
Futamura, S.; Sugasawa, M.
Pág. 40 - 45  

$hbox{CO}_{bf 2}$ Reforming of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons With Silent Discharge Plasma
Sugasawa, M.; Futamura, S.
Pág. 46 - 52  

Effects of Temperature, Voltage Properties, and Initial Gas Composition on the Plasma Reforming of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons With $hbox{CO}_{{bf 2}}$
Futamura, S.; Annadurai, G.
Pág. 53 - 60  

HF Multiresonant Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamps With Constant Filament Preheat Voltage
Ben-Yaakov, S.; Shvartsas , M.; Ivensky , G.
Pág. 61 - 67  

Transition Mode Stacked Buck Converter for HID Lamps
van Casteren, D. H. J.; Hendrix, M. A. M.; Duarte, J. L.
Pág. 68 - 73  

Fault-Tolerant Optimal Neurocontrol for a Static Synchronous Series Compensator Connected to a Power Network
Qiao , W.; Harley, R. G.; Venayagamoorthy, G. K.
Pág. 74 - 84  

A Novel Starting Method of the Surface Permanent-Magnet BLDC Motors Without Position Sensor for Reciprocating Compressor
Lee, K.-W.; Kim, D.-K.; Kim, B.-T.; Kwon, B.-I.
Pág. 85 - 92  

Fuzzy Control of an Electrostatic Separation Process
Younes, M.; Tilmatine, A.; Medles, K.; Dascalescu, L.
Pág. 9 - 14  

Influence of Rotor Configuration on Sensorless Control for Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors
Imai, N.; Morimoto , S.; Sanada, M.; Takeda, Y.
Pág. 93 - 100