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Volumen 51 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2008

Assessing Virtual Laboratories in a Digital-Filter Design Course: An Experimental Study
Wei-Fan Chen; Wen-Hsiung Wu; Te-Jen Su
Pág. 10 - 16  

Hybrid Educational Strategy for a Laboratory Course on Cognitive Robotics
Buiu, C.
Pág. 100 - 107  

Project-Based Lab Teaching for Power Electronics and Drives
Rui Hong Chu; Lu, D.D.-C.; Sathiakumar, S.
Pág. 108 - 113  

Evaluation of an Online Inverted Pendulum Control Experiment
Hovland, G.
Pág. 114 - 122  

The Biggest Loser Competition
O'Shea, P.; Bigdan, V.
Pág. 123 - 130  

The Effect of Problem-Solving Instruction on Computer Engineering Majors' Performance in Verilog Programming
Yen-Chu Hung
Pág. 131 - 137  

Developing Advanced Courses for Undergraduates: A Case Study in Databases
Dietrich, S.W.; Urban, S.D.; Haag, S.
Pág. 138 - 144  

An Open Source Power System Virtual Laboratory: The PSAT Case and Experience
Milano, F.; Vanfretti, L.; Morataya, J.C.
Pág. 17 - 23  

An Intelligent Universal Virtual Laboratory (UVL)
Duarte, M.; Butz, B.P.; Miller, S.M.; Mahalingam, A.
Pág. 2 - 9  

Learning Respiratory System Function in BME Studies by Means of a Virtual Laboratory: RespiLab
Hernandez, A.M.; Maanas, M.A.; Costa-Castello, R.
Pág. 24 - 34  

Development of a Web-Based Control Laboratory for Automation Technicians: The Three-Tank System
Dormido, R.; Vargas, H.; Duro, N.; Sanchez, J.; Dormido-Canto, S.; Farias, G.; Esquembre, F.; Dormido, S.
Pág. 35 - 44  

Teaching Rigid Body Mechanics Using Student-Created Virtual Environments
Murphey, T.D.
Pág. 45 - 52  

Remote Laboratories for Optical Circuits
Gurkan, D.; Mickelson, A.; Benhaddou, D.
Pág. 53 - 60  

Providing Students Hints and Detecting Mistakes Made by Students in a Virtual Experiment Environment
Jia-Sheng Heh; Jyh-Cheng Chang; Shao-Chun Li; Maiga Chang
Pág. 61 - 68  

Virtual Laboratory for Creative Control Design Experiments
Uran, S.; Jezernik, K.
Pág. 69 - 75  

Enhancement of Student Learning in Experimental Design Using a Virtual Laboratory
Koretsky, M.D.; Amatore, D.; Barnes, C.; Kimura, S.
Pág. 76 - 85  

VisualJVM: A Visual Tool for Teaching Java Technology
Abenza, P.P.G.; Olivo, A.G.; Latorre, B.L.
Pág. 86 - 92  

Digital System Design Using Microarchitectural Modeling
Chia-Jeng Tseng
Pág. 93 - 99