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Volumen 25 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2010

Evaluation of Techniques to Protect Aspen Suckers from Ungulate Browsing in the Black Hills
Kota, Andrew M.; Bartos, Dale L.
Pág. 161 - 168  

Effect of Diameter Limits and Stand Structure on Relative Density Indices: A Case Study
Curtis, Robert O.
Pág. 169 - 175  

The Effects of a Western Spruce Budworm Outbreak on the Dead Wood Component in Relation to Ownership in Forests of Eastern Oregon
Azuma, David
Pág. 176 - 180  

Effectiveness of Two Systemic Insecticides for Protecting Western Conifers from Mortality Due to Bark Beetle Attack
Grosman, Donald M.; Fettig, Christopher J.; Jorgensen, Carl L.; Munson, A. Steven
Pág. 181 - 185  

Effectiveness of Financial Incentive Programs in Promoting Sustainable Forestry in the West
Greene, John L.; Daniels, Steven E.; Kilgore, Michael A.; Straka, Thomas J.; Jacobson, Michael G.
Pág. 186 - 193  

Distribution of Three Dwarf Mistletoe Species within Their Host Tree Crowns
Baker, Fred A.; Guyon, John
Pág. 194 - 198  

Does Raking Basal Duff Affect Tree Growth Rates or Mortality?
Noonan-Wright, Erin; Hood, Sharon M.; Cluck, Danny R.
Pág. 199 - 202  

Estimating Aboveground Biomass for Broadleaf Woody Plants and Young Conifers in Sierra Nevada, California, Forests
McGinnis, Thomas W.; Shook, Christine D.; Keeley, Jon E.
Pág. 203 - 209