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Volumen 25 Número 8 Parte 0 Año 2007

Mobile Vehicle-to-Vehicle Narrow-Band Channel Measurement and Characterization of the 5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) Frequency Band
Lin Cheng; Henty, B.E.; Stancil, D.D.; Fan Bai; Mudalige, P.
Pág. 1501 - 1516  

Analysis of DSRC Service Over-Reach inside an Arched Tunnel
Gilbert Siy Ching; Ghoraishi, M.; Lertsirisopon, N.; Takada, J.-i.; Sameda, I.; Sakamoto, H.; Imai, T.
Pág. 1517 - 1525  

Self-Configuring TDMA Protocols for Enhancing Vehicle Safety With DSRC Based Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
Fan Yu; Biswas, S.
Pág. 1526 - 1537  

Routing in Sparse Vehicular Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Wisitpongphan, N.; Fan Bai; Mudalige, P.; Sadekar, V.; Tonguz, O.
Pág. 1538 - 1556  

Eviction of Misbehaving and Faulty Nodes in Vehicular Networks
Raya, M.; Papadimitratos, P.; Aad, I.; Jungels, D.; Hubaux, J.-P.
Pág. 1557 - 1568  

AMOEBA: Robust Location Privacy Scheme for VANET
Sampigethaya, K.; Mingyan Li; Leping Huang; Poovendran, R.
Pág. 1569 - 1589  

Location-Aware Services over Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks using Car-to-Car Communication
Dikaiakos, M.D.; Florides, A.; Nadeem, T.; Iftode, L.
Pág. 1590 - 1602