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Volumen 76 Número 5 Parte 0 Año 2012

Shoichiro Hamamoto, Per Moldrup, Ken Kawamoto and Toshiko Komatsu
Shoichiro Hamamoto, Per Moldrup, Ken Kawamoto and Toshiko Komatsu
Pág. 1509 - 1517  

Turbulence Effect on Gas Transport in Three Contrasting Forest Soils
Martin Maier, Helmer Schack-Kirchner, Marc Aubinet, Stéphanie Goffin, Bernard Longdoz and Florian Parent
Pág. 1518 - 1528  

Estimation of Soil Clay Content from Hygroscopic Water Content Measurements
Mark N. Wuddivira, David A. Robinson, Inma Lebron, Laëtitia Bréchet, Melissa Atwell, Sunshine De Caires, Michael Oatham, Scott B. Jones, Hiruy Abdu, Aditya K. Verma and Markus Tuller
Pág. 1529 - 1535  

Estimating Soil Solution Nitrate Concentration from Dielectric Spectra Using Partial Least Squares Analysis
Giorgi Chighladze, Amy Kaleita, Stuart Birrell and Sally Logsdon
Pág. 1536 - 1547  

Simulation of Overwinter Soil Water and Soil Temperature with SHAW and RZ-SHAW
Zizhong Li, Liwang Ma, Gerald N. Flerchinger, Lajpat R. Ahuja, Hao Wang and Zishuang Li
Pág. 1548 - 1563  

Diffusion Aspects of Designing Porous Growth Media for Earth and Space
T.K.K Chamindu Deepagoda, Per Moldrup, Maria P. Jensen, Scott B. Jones, Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Per Schjønning, Kate Scow, Jan W. Hopmans, Dennis E. Rolston, Ken Kawamoto and Toshiko Komatsu
Pág. 1564 - 1578  

Effect of pH and Weathering Indices on the Reductive Transformation of 2-Nitrophenol in South China
Liang Tao, Wei Zhang, Hui Li, FangBai Li, WeiMin Yu and ManJia Chen
Pág. 1579 - 1591  

Molecular Composition of Humic Acids from Coastal Wetland Soils along a Salinity Gradient
Syam K. Dodla, Jim J. Wang and Robert L. Cook
Pág. 1592 - 1605  

Dissolution and Re-crystallization Processes of Active Calcium Carbonate in Soil Developed on Tufa
Guy Tamir, Moshe Shenker, Hadar Heller, Paul R. Bloom, Pinchas Fine and Asher Bar-Tal
Pág. 1606 - 1613  

Carbon Allocation, Belowground Transfers, and Lipid Turnover in a Plant¿Microbial Association
Francisco J. Calderón, David J. Schultz and Eldor A. Paul
Pág. 1614 - 1623  

Changes in Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Fractions with Duration of No-Tillage Management
John T. Spargo, Michel A. Cavigelli, Mark M. Alley, Jude E. Maul, Jeffrey S. Buyer, Cleiton H. Sequeira and Ronald F. Follett
Pág. 1624 - 1633  

Soil Aggregate Destruction by Ultrasonication Increases Soil Organic Matter Mineralization and Mobility
Carsten W. Mueller, Svetlana Schlund, Jörg Prietzel, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner and Martin Gutsch
Pág. 1634 - 1643  

Relationship between Food Resource, Soil Physical Condition, and Invertebrates in Pastoral Soils
N.L. Schon, A.D. Mackay and M.A. Minor
Pág. 1644 - 1654  

Spent Mushroom Substrates Influence Soil Quality and Nitrogen Availability in a Semiarid Vineyard Soil
F. Peregrina, C. Larrieta, M. Colina, I. Mariscal-Sancho, I. Martín, J. M. Martínez-Vidaurre and E. García-Escudero
Pág. 1655 - 1666  

Biodegradation of Soluble Organic Matter as Affected by Land-Use and Soil Depth
Ehsan R. Toosi, Peter W. Clinton, Michael H. Beare and David A. Norton
Pág. 1667 - 1677  

Phosphorus Availability in an Oxisol Amended with Biosolids in a Long-Term Field Experiment
Luis Reynaldo F. Alleoni, Antonio R. Fernandes and Camila B. Jordão
Pág. 1678 - 1684  

Biological Soil Crusts in the Mojave Desert, USA: Micromorphology and Pedogenesis
Amanda J. Williams, Brenda J. Buck and Mengesha A. Beyene
Pág. 1685 - 1695  

Topographic and Soil Constraints to Shale-Gas Development in the Northcentral Appalachians
P. J. Drohan and M. Brittingham
Pág. 1696 - 1706  

Assessing the Suitability of Rotary Coring for Sampling in Rocky Soils
Carrie R. Levine, Ruth D. Yanai, Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur, Steven P. Hamburg, April M. Melvin, Christine L. Goodale, Benjamin M. Rau and Dale W. Johnson
Pág. 1707 - 1718  

Precision of Soil Particle Size Analysis using Laser Diffractometry
Bradley A. Miller and Randall J. Schaetzl
Pág. 1719 - 1727  

Temporal Variability of Nitrous Oxide from Fertilized Croplands: Hot Moment Analysis
Marina Molodovskaya, Olga Singurindy, Brian K. Richards, Jon Warland, Mark S. Johnson and Tammo S. Steenhuis
Pág. 1728 - 1740  

Dryland Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions Affected by Cropping Sequence and Nitrogen Fertilization
Upendra M. Sainju, Thecan Caesar-TonThat, Andrew W. Lenssen and Joy L. Barsotti
Pág. 1741 - 1757  

Soil and Polymer Properties Affecting Water Retention by Superabsorbent Polymers under Drying Conditions
J. Yu, J.G. Shi, P.F. Dang, A.I. Mamedov, I. Shainberg and G.J. Levy
Pág. 1758 - 1767  

Soil Water Dynamics of Conventional and No-Till Wheat in the Southern Great Plains
A. Patrignani, C. B. Godsey, T. E. Ochsner and J. T. Edwards
Pág. 1768 - 1775  

Strategies for Soil Quality Assessment Using Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy in a Western Kenya Chronosequence
Rintaro Kinoshita, Bianca N. Moebius-Clune, Harold M. van Es, W. Dean Hively and A. Volkan Bilgilis
Pág. 1776 - 1788  

Cropping and Tillage Systems Effects on Soil Erosion under Climate Change in Oklahoma
X.-C.(John) Zhang
Pág. 1789 - 1797  

Long-Term No-Till Impacts on Organic Carbon and Properties of Two Contrasting Soils and Corn Yields in Ohio
Sandeep Kumar, Atsunobu Kadono, Rattan Lal and Warren Dick
Pág. 1798 - 1809  

Bulk Density of Rocky Mine Soils in Forestry Reclamation
C. DeLong, J. Skousen and E. Pena-Yewtukhiw
Pág. 1810 - 1815  

Effects of Forest Harvest on Soil Carbon and Related Variables in Canadian Spodosols
Stephanie Grand and Les M. Lavkulich
Pág. 1816 - 1827  

Human-Altered and Human-Transported Soils in an Italian Industrial District
Gian Franco Capra, Sergio Vacca, Emanuela Cabula, Eleonora Grilli and Andrea Buondonno
Pág. 1828 - 1841  

Nitrogen Transformation, Ammonia Volatilization Loss, and Nitrate Leaching in Organically Enhanced Nitrogen Fertilizers Relative to Urea
U. Singh, J. Sanabria, E.R. Austin and S. Agyin-Birikorang
Pág. 1842 - 1854  

Comparison of Methods to Determine Crop Lime Requirement Under Field Conditions
Agustín Pagani and Antonio P. Mallarino
Pág. 1855 - 1866  

Nutrient Balance and Use Efficiency in Sandy Soils Cropped with Tomato under Seepage Irrigation
Shinjiro Sato, Kelly T. Morgan, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Kamal Mahmoud and Eric H. Simonne
Pág. 1867 - 1876  

Soil pH and Crop Grain Yield as Affected by the Source and Rate of Lime
Agustín Pagani and Antonio P. Mallarino
Pág. 1877 - 1886  

Conceptual Mineral Genesis Models for Calcic Pendants and Petrocalcic Horizons, Nevada
Colin R. Robins, Amy L. Brock-Hon and Brenda J. Buck
Pág. 1887 - 1903  

Carbon Sequestration Potential at Central Wisconsin Wetland Reserve Program Sites
Nicholas J. Besasie and Meghan E. Buckley
Pág. 1904 - 1910  

Uncertainty in Peat Volume and Soil Carbon Estimated Using Ground-Penetrating Radar and Probing
Andrew D. Parsekian, Lee Slater, Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis, James Nolan, Stephen D. Sebesteyen, Randall K. Kolka and Paul J. Hanson
Pág. 1911 - 1918  

Fate of Nitrate in Vegetated Brackish Coastal Marsh
Christine M. VanZomeren, John R. White and Ronald D. DeLaune
Pág. 1919 - 1927