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Volumen 30 Número 6-7 Parte 0 Año 2006

An efficient MILP model for the short-term scheduling of single stage batch plants
Pedro M. Castro and Ignacio E. Grossmann
Pág. 1003 - 1018  

Multiobjective optimization of synthesis gas production using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
Swati Mohanty
Pág. 1019 - 1025  

Consistent delumping of multiphase flash results
Dan Vladimir Nichita, Daniel Broseta and Claude F. Leibovici
Pág. 1026 - 1037  

Method for the selection of inputs and structure of feedforward neural networks
H. Saxén and F. Pettersson
Pág. 1038 - 1045  

Design of heat exchanger networks using randomized algorithm
Ankur Pariyani, Abhigyan Gupta and Pallab Ghosh
Pág. 1046 - 1053  

Simulation of washing of packed bed of porous particles by orthogonal collocation on finite elements
Shelly Arora, S.S. Dhaliwal and V.K. Kukreja
Pág. 1054 - 1060  

Data analysis and visualisation for robust multi-criteria process optimisation
Antanas Z¿ilinskas, Eric S. Fraga and Ausra Mackut¿
Pág. 1061 - 1071  

Constant gain stabilization with desired damping
S. Narayanan, P. Kanagasabapathy and J. Prakash
Pág. 1072 - 1075  

A novel branch and bound algorithm for optimal development of gas fields under uncertainty in reserves
Vikas Goel, Ignacio E. Grossmann, Amr S. El-Bakry and Eric L. Mulkay
Pág. 1076 - 1092  

A functional-PCA approach for analyzing and reducing complex chemical mechanisms
P. Gokulakrishnan, A.D. Lawrence, P.J. McLellan and E.W. Grandmaison
Pág. 1093 - 1101  

Large-scale dynamic simulation for security assessment of an ethylene oxide manufacturing process
Helen H. Lou, Jayachandran Chandrasekaran and Rebecca A. Smith
Pág. 1102 - 1118  

A comparative study of high resolution schemes for solving population balances in crystallization
S. Qamar, M.P. Elsner, I.A. Angelov, G. Warnecke and A. Seidel-Morgenstern
Pág. 1119 - 1131  

Rule-based intelligent monitoring and control of marc brandy stills
P. Saco, J. Flores, J. Taboada, A. Otero and J. Varela
Pág. 1132 - 1140  

Predictive functional control for the temperature control of a chemical batch reactor
H. Bouhenchir, M. Cabassud and M.V. Le Lann
Pág. 1141 - 1154  

Multi-objective optimization for chemical processes and controller design: Approximating and classifying the Pareto domain
Hayley Halsall-Whitney and Jules Thibault
Pág. 1155 - 1168  

Computation of equilibria in models of flue gas washer plants
Wolfgang Desch, Karin Horn and Georg Propst
Pág. 1169 - 1177  

An investigation of packed columns using a digital packing algorithm
R. Caulkin, M. Fairweather, X. Jia, N. Gopinathan and R.A. Williams
Pág. 1178 - 1188  

Introducing mechanistic kinetics to the Lagrangian Gibbs energy calculation
Pertti Koukkari and Risto Pajarre
Pág. 1189 - 1196  

State-of-the-art review of optimization methods for short-term scheduling of batch processes
Carlos A. Méndez, Jaime Cerdá, Ignacio E. Grossmann, Iiro Harjunkoski and Marco Fahl
Pág. 913 - 946  

Optimization under uncertainty of a composite fabrication process using a deterministic one-stage approach
Charles Acquah, Ivan Datskov, Andryas Mawardi, Feng Zhang, Luke E.K. Achenie, Ranga Pitchumani and Eugene Santos
Pág. 947 - 960  

Single channel event (SCE) for managing sensor failures in MSPC
Henk-Jan Ramaker, Eric N.M. van Sprang, Johan A. Westerhuis and Age K. Smilde
Pág. 961 - 969  

Modeling the nonideal mixing behavior in a continuous-stirred crystallizer
Lie-Ding Shiau and Tsan-Sheng Lu
Pág. 970 - 977  

A dynamic interaction mass transfer model for simulating the mass transfer process in extraction columns
Xiaojin Tang, Guangshen Luo, Hongbo Li and Jiading Wang
Pág. 978 - 988  

Modified differential evolution (MDE) for optimization of non-linear chemical processes
B.V. Babu and Rakesh Angira
Pág. 989 - 1002