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Volumen 30 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2006

A simple auto-tuner in frequency domain
Ming-da Ma and Xin-jian Zhu
Pág. 581 - 586  

ECO-optimization of pre-treatment processes in metal finishing
Pinar Erol and Jorg Thming
Pág. 587 - 598  

Multiobjective optimization for multiproduct batch plant design under economic and environmental considerations
A. Dietz, C. Azzaro-Pantel, L. Pibouleau and S. Domenech
Pág. 599 - 613  

A simultaneous optimization approach for off-line blending and scheduling of oil-refinery operations
Carlos A. Méndez, Ignacio E. Grossmann, Iiro Harjunkoski and Pousga Kaboré
Pág. 614 - 634  

CFD simulations of steam cracking furnaces using detailed combustion mechanisms
G.D. Stefanidis, B. Merci, G.J. Heynderickx and G.B. Marin
Pág. 635 - 649  

Global optimization for the synthesis of integrated water systems in chemical processes
Ramkumar Karuppiah and Ignacio E. Grossmann
Pág. 650 - 673  

Adaptive mesh simulations of ionic systems in microcapillaries based on the estimation of transport times
Michal P¿ibyl, Dalimil ¿nita and Milan Kubí¿ek
Pág. 674 - 685  

Modeling and temperature control of rapid thermal processing
Eyal Dassau, Benyamin Grosman and Daniel R. Lewin
Pág. 686 - 697  

Parameter estimation in continuous-time dynamic models using principal differential analysis
A.A. Poyton, M.S. Varziri, K.B. McAuley, P.J. McLellan and J.O. Ramsay
Pág. 698 - 708  

Real-time dynamic optimization of nonlinear systems: A flatness-based approach
M. Guay and N. Peters
Pág. 709 - 721  

Design of neural networks using genetic algorithm for on-line property estimation of crude fractionator products
Manojit Dam and Deoki N. Saraf
Pág. 722 - 729  

Heat exchanger network process modifications for controllability using design reliability theory
Rodolfo Tellez, William Y. Svrcek, Timothy J. Ross and Brent R. Young
Pág. 730 - 743  

Assessing the inherent atmospheric environmental friendliness of chemical process routes: An unsteady state distribution approach for a catastrophic release
M.Y. Gunasekera and D.W. Edwards
Pág. 744 - 757