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Volumen 70 Número 6 Parte 0 Año 2006

Variational principles for systems with unilateral constraints
V.V. Rumyantsev
Pág. 808 - 818  

Analysis and optimization of the motion of a body controlled by means of a movable internal mass
F.L. Chernous¿ko
Pág. 819 - 842  

Control of motion of an inhomogeneous cylinder with internal movable masses along a horizontal plane
L.D. Akulenko, N.N. Bolotnik, S.A. Kumakshev and S.V. Nesterov
Pág. 843 - 858  

Invariant sets in the Clebsch¿Tisserand problem: Existence and stability
A.V. Karapetyan
Pág. 859 - 864  

The comparison method in asymptotic stability problems
A.S. Andreyev and O.A. Peregudova
Pág. 865 - 875  

First integrals and families of symmetric periodic motions of a reversible mechanical system
V.N. Tkhai
Pág. 876 - 887  

Continuum models of rarefied gas flows in problems of hypersonic aerothermodynamics
I.G. Brykina, B.V. Rogov and G.A. Tirskiy
Pág. 888 - 911  

The construction of a nose shape of minimum drag for specified external dimensions and volume using Euler equations
N.L. Yefremov, A.I. Kraiko, K.S. P¿yankov and S.A. Takovitskii
Pág. 912 - 923  

Non-linear near-resonance oscillations of an elastic incompressible layer
A.G. Kulikovskii and E.I. Sveshnikova
Pág. 924 - 933  

The wear contact problem with partial slippage
I.G. Goryacheva and A.P. Goryachev
Pág. 934 - 944  

Equilibrium cracks in composites reinforced with unidirectional fibres
M.A. Grekov and N.F. Morozov
Pág. 945 - 955