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Volumen 17 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2018

Color and expressiveness in the construction timbers by means surface treatments with acids
Francisco Lora Toro, Alfonso García Santos, Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez
Pág. 183 - 195  

Liquefaction potential sand-silt mixtures under static loading
Mohamed Bensoula, Hanifi Missoum, Karim Bendani
Pág. 196 - 208  

Development of reentrant hexatruss structures to apply to architecture
Mª Dolores Álvarez Elipe, Jesús Anaya Díaz
Pág. 209 - 214  

Review of contemporary architecture projects based on nature geometries
Mª Dolores Álvarez Elipe, Jesús Anaya Díaz
Pág. 215 - 221  

Mathematical model for prediction of colour in the aging of waterproofed porous face ceramic
Jesús Ángel Coronado Martín, Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, Alfonso García Santos
Pág. 222 - 230  

Assessment of the influence of the effective water-cement ratio on the workability and strength of a commercial concrete used for the construction of concrete caissons
Eduardo González-Díaz, Elena Jaizme-Vega, Javier Jubera-Pérez
Pág. 231 - 239  

Impact resistance of high strength chopped basalt fibre-reinforced concrete
Sathes Kumar Sateshkumar, Paul Oluwaseun Awoyera, Tamilarasan Kandasamy, Sathishkumar Nagaraj, Praveenkumar Murugesan, Boopathirasan Ponnusamy
Pág. 240 - 249  

Posidonia oceanica as thermal insulation: Determination of the minimum bulk density, according to project specifications, for its use as a building solution on a flat roof
Cristian Carmona, Gabriel Horrach, Carles Oliver, Francisco J. Forteza, Joan Muñoz
Pág. 250 - 257  

Fuzzy decision support model for the selection of contractor in construction works
Cemil Akcay, Ekrem Manisali
Pág. 258 - 266  

A rapid analysis method for determining current status of existing buildings: A conceptual framework
Baris Yildizlar, Cemil Akcay, Namik Kemal Öztorun
Pág. 267 - 278  

Effect of polymers on rheological properties of waxy bitumens
Julide Öner, Burak Sengoz
Pág. 279 - 295  

Pozzolanic improvements to fly ash when removing unburned carbon
Walter Roldán Latorre, Jorge Garcés Arroyo
Pág. 296 - 303  

Multimodal optimization for time-cost trade-off in construction projects using a novel hybrid method based on FA and PSO
Gülçag Albayrak, Ilker Özdemir
Pág. 304 - 318  

Application of the Monte Carlo method to estimate the uncertainty in the compressive strength test of high-strength concrete modelled with a multilayer perceptron
Isabel Moromi Nakata, Francisco García Fernández, Ana Torre Carrillo, Pedro Espinoza Haro, Luis Acuña Pinaud
Pág. 319 - 329  

Evaluation of natural additives for warm asphalt mix
Rosa Herrera de la Rosa, Anadelys Alonso Aenlle, Nelson Villegas Muñoz
Pág. 330 - 336