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Volumen 33 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2018

Solar cooling in buildings. A state of the art
D. Bravo, F. González, J. González
Pág. Page 115 - 126  

Effect of treatments on high initial strengh portland cement and mosso bamboo compatibility
L. Cechin, A. Matoski, A. Lima, A. Weber, R. Tokarski
Pág. Page 127 - 136  

Validation of the polyvoids in the design of bituminous mixtures with coal tar as a binder
R. Ochoa, G. Grimaldo
Pág. Page 137 - 146  

Probabilistic evaluation of traffic flux and bridges safety
K. Zellat, A. Bouhaloufa, T. Kadri
Pág. Page 147 - 154  

Potential use of curaua fiber (Ananas erectifolius) for cementitious production composite
G. Katalyne Bilcati, A. Matoski, R. Trianoski, E. Lengowski
Pág. Page 155 - 160  

Factors influencing concrete quality: a survey to the principal actors of the concrete industry
M. Orozco, Y. Avila, S. Restrepo, A. Parody
Pág. Page 161 - 172  

An initial evaluation of a method for adopting kaizen events in the construction sector
B. Arriola Oliveros, A. Denis Granja, S. Rodríguez Dionisio
Pág. Page 173 - 182  

Working collaboratively in design and construction to encourage green building construction for Peru
L. Lung, M. Shaurette
Pág. Page 183 - 192  

Water hammer in a pipe network due to a fast valve closure
J. Twyman
Pág. Page 193 - 200