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EventGeoScout: Fostering Citizen Empowerment and Augmenting Data Quality through Collaborative Geographic Information Governance and Optimization

Jose A. Montenegro and Antonio Muñoz    


In this manuscript, we present EventGeoScout, an innovative framework for collaborative geographic information management, tailored to meet the needs of the dynamically changing landscape of geographic data integration and quality enhancement. EventGeoScout enables the seamless fusion of open data from different sources and provides users with the tools to refine and improve data quality. A distinctive feature of our framework is its commitment to platform-agnostic data management, ensuring that processed datasets are accessible via standard Geographic Information System (GIS) tools, reducing the maintenance burden on organizations while ensuring the continued relevance of the data. Our approach goes beyond the boundaries of traditional data integration, enabling users to fully harness the power of geospatial information by simplifying the data creation process and providing a versatile solution to the complex challenges posed by layered geospatial data. To demonstrate the versatility and robustness of EventGeoScout as an optimization tool, we present a case study centered on the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem (UFLP), where a genetic algorithm was used to achieve outstanding performance on both traditional computing platforms and smartphone devices. As a concrete case study, we applied our solution in the context of the Málaga City Marathon, using the latest data from the last edition of the marathon.

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