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The Role of Performance in Smart Meter?s Acceptance: A Survey in Joinville, Brazil

Diego Fettermann    
Pedro Christoffel    
Jaime Castillo and Angelo Sant?Anna    


The incorporation of renewable energy sources necessitates the upgrade of the electrical grid to a smart grid, which involves the implementation of smart meters. Although smart meters provide benefits to users, many smart meter implementation projects have failed to be accepted by users. This article assesses the factors influencing the acceptance of household smart meters in Joinville, a city in the south of Brazil. Based on the Unified and Extended Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT2), a structural equation model was estimated using data from a sample of 136 respondents in the city of Joinville. The results indicate that Performance Expectancy, Hedonic Motivation, and Social Influence constructs have a more substantial effect on the Intention to Use smart meters. The results provide evidence for planning the upgrade of the electrical grid by implementing smart meters in southern Brazil.

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