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A Digital Twin Dam and Watershed Management Platform

DongSoon Park and Hojun You    


This paper presents an innovative digital twin dam and watershed management platform, K-Twin SJ, that utilizes real-time data and simulation models to support decision-making for flood response and water resource management. The platform includes a GIS-based geospatial digital twin of the entire Sumjin dam and river water system in Korea, with high-precision geospatial topography and facility information for dams and rivers (watershed area 4913 km2, river length 173 km, and 91 water infrastructures). The platform synchronizes real-time data such as rainfall, dam and river water levels, flow rate, and closed-circuit television (CCTV), and incorporates three hydraulic and hydrological simulation models for efficient dam operation considering the river conditions. AI technology is also used to predict the river water level and suggest optimal dam discharge scenarios. Additionally, the platform includes a geotechnical safety evaluation module for river levees, advanced drone monitoring for dams and rivers, and an AI CCTV video surveillance function. The digital-twin-based platform supports efficient decision-making for smart flood responses and contributes to reducing flooding damage and optimal operation through better smart water management.

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