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A Digital Twin for Assessing the Remaining Useful Life of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures

Rafael Pacheco-Blazquez    
Julio Garcia-Espinosa    
Daniel Di Capua and Andres Pastor Sanchez    


This paper delves into the application of digital twin monitoring techniques for enhancing offshore floating wind turbine performance, with a detailed case study that uses open-source digital twin software. We explore the practical implementation of digital twins and their efficacy in optimizing operations and predictive maintenance, focusing on controlling the real-time structural state of composite wind turbine structures and forecasting the remaining useful life by tracking the fatigue state in the structure. Our findings emphasize digital twins? potential as a valuable tool for renewable energy, driving efficiency and sustainability in offshore floating wind installations. These aspects, along with the aforementioned simulations, whether in real-time or forecasted, reduce costly and unnecessary inspections and scheduled maintenance.

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