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Innovative Region Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm for Object Identification

Yurika Permanasari    
Budi Nurani Ruchjana    
Setiawan Hadi and Juli Rejito    


Object identification is a part of the field of computer science, namely, image processing, whose research continues to innovate. Object identification describes an object based on the main characteristics of the object. Many research innovations related to object identification have been carried out to obtain optimal identification results. The convolutional neural network (CNN) is one of the algorithms that is widely used by researchers in the field of object identification or object recognition in digital images. The purpose of this study was to analyze the development of object identification in the search for the best algorithm in terms of the speed and efficiency of identification. The article data used were obtained from several sources, namely, Dimensions AI, Science Direct, and Google Scholar. The database search results obtained 1041 articles in the form of publications from 2010?2021. Through a systematic literature review based on the articles obtained, 32 articles were selected. The evaluation of the articles was carried out in the form of article data visualization, object identification algorithm development, and the research objects used. CNN?s research innovation is growing rapidly, with improvements being made to the identification techniques in its algorithmic architecture. The use of the CNN algorithm in the identification of image objects, starting with the region CNN technique, is improved with Fast R-CNN, Faster-CNN, and Mask R-CNN. The object of research has developed from facial recognition and the identification of moving images to the introduction of ancient manuscripts that are useful for the development of history and tourism. The successful identification of ancient scripted texts will greatly assist the availability of such manuscripts in a digital format, which allows for further multidisciplinary research. The availability of ancient manuscripts in a digital format also helps the government to preserve culture and increase people?s understanding of the culture they have.

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