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Assessment of Nitrate in Groundwater from Diffuse Sources Considering Spatiotemporal Patterns of Hydrological Systems Using a Coupled SWAT/MODFLOW/MT3DMS Model

Alejandra Correa-González    
Joel Hernández-Bedolla    
Marco Antonio Martínez-Cinco    
Sonia Tatiana Sánchez-Quispe and Mario Alberto Hernández-Hernández    


In recent years, due to various anthropogenic activities, such as agriculture and livestock, the presence of nitrogen-associated contaminants has been increasing in surface- and groundwater resources. Among these, the main compounds present in groundwater are ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. However, it is sometimes difficult to assess such effects given the scarcity or lack of information and the complexity of the system. In the current study, a methodology is proposed to assess nitrate in groundwater from diffuse sources considering spatiotemporal patterns of hydrological systems using a coupled SWAT/MODFLOW/MT3DMS model. The application of the model is carried out using a simplified simulation scheme of hydrological and agricultural systems because of the limited spatial and temporal data. The study area includes the Cuitzeo Lake basin in superficial flow form and the Morelia?Querendaro aquifer in groundwater flow form. The results within the methodology are surface runoff, groundwater levels, and nitrate concentrations present in surface- and groundwater systems. The results indicate that the historical and simulated nitrate concentrations were obtained within acceptable values of the statistical parameters and, therefore, are considered adequate.

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