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Monitoring of ?7-20? Rainstorm Damage in the Zhengzhou Road Network Using Heterogeneous SAR Images

Siyi Li    
Guowang Jin and Jiahao Li    


Flooding is one of the most frequently occurring meteorological disasters nowadays, and its occurrence can cause significant socio-economic losses. Aiming at the problem that traditional optical remote sensing makes it difficult to monitor floods, this paper designs a scheme to jointly extract the scope of the affected area by using heterogeneous satellite-based SAR images acquired at different times within the flood period. This paper takes the ?7-20? rainstorm in Zhengzhou City as an example and uses two kinds of heterogeneous SAR images, Sentinel-1A and GF-3, to extract the flooding damage in the main urban area. In addition, combinations with the vector data of the Gaode road network were performed to further monitor and analyze the ?7-20? rainstorm damage in the main urban area of Zhengzhou. The results showed that the main urban area of Zhengzhou City was affected by the ?7-20? rainstorm. The roads in the main urban area of Zhengzhou were seriously affected, and the total length of the affected roads reached 1324.63 km. The monitoring scheme for flooding road network damage using Sentinel-1A and GF-3 heterogeneous SAR images has certain feasibility.

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