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Mobile Robot for Security Applications in Remotely Operated Advanced Reactors

Ujwal Sharma    
Uma Shankar Medasetti    
Taher Deemyad    
Mustafa Mashal and Vaibhav Yadav    


This review paper addresses the escalating operation and maintenance costs of nuclear power plants, primarily attributed to rising labor costs and intensified competition from renewable energy sources. The paper proposes a paradigm shift towards a technology-centric approach, leveraging mobile and automated robots for physical security, aiming to replace labor-intensive methods. Focusing on the human?robot interaction principle, the review conducts a state-of-the-art analysis of dog robots? potential in infrastructure security and remote inspection within human?robot shared environments. Additionally, this paper surveys research on the capabilities of mobile robots, exploring their applications in various industries, including disaster response, exploration, surveillance, and environmental conservation. This study emphasizes the crucial role of autonomous mobility and manipulation in robots for diverse tasks, and discusses the formalization of problems, performance assessment criteria, and operational capabilities. It provides a comprehensive comparison of three prominent robotic platforms (SPOT, Ghost Robotics, and ANYmal Robotics) across various parameters, shedding light on their suitability for different applications. This review culminates in a research roadmap, delineating experiments and parameters for assessing dog robots? performance in safeguarding nuclear power plants, offering a structured approach for future research endeavors.

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