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Creativity and Innovation in Civic Spaces Supported by Cognitive Flexibility When Learning with AI Chatbots in Smart Cities

Sarah A. Chauncey and H. Patricia McKenna    


The purpose of this study is to advance conceptual understandings of the cognitive flexibility construct, in support of creativity and innovation in smart city civic spaces, employing the use of large language model artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT. Based on a review of the research and practice literature, this study formulates a conceptual framework for cognitive flexibility in support of creativity and innovation in AI environments, adaptable to smart cities. A research design is used that employs AI as a design material, in combination with a topical inquiry involving boundary setting and perspective taking, to co-pilot an exploration with ChatGPT-3.5/4. This study operationalizes the framework for applications to learning approaches, addressing flexibility and inclusivity in smart city spaces and regions. With the rapid evolving of chatbot technologies, ChatGPT-4 is used in the exploration of a speculative real-world urban example. This work is significant in that AI chatbots are explored for application in urban spaces involving creative ideation, iteration, engagement, and cognitive flexibility; future directions for exploration are identified pertaining to ethical and civil discourse in smart cities and learning cities, as well as the notion that AI chatbots and GPTs (generative pre-trained transformers) may become a zeitgeist for understanding and learning in smart cities.

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